magnolia in vintage vase II
still life

no 4

34 x 23 cm

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine
Much happier with this re - do!


Sandy said...

You should be very happy Patricia...this painting is superb! A truly beautiful painting!


Sandy… Thank you so much. I am pleased with the centres and I finally managed to also get some form into those branches.
Onto the next one…

SrishtiArt said...

It's gorgeous......
The petals are so silky....
Just love it :) :) :)


Srishti... you have been a wonderful support, thank you.
How is you blog comming? Am anxious to see your works wonderful as they are. Soon I hope.
:) x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Perugina!! Just love it :)
What is the next painting you are moving onto? ...will we see 'the vase' again? (I really like the vase in your pictures :) )


SM...You will definitely see this vase again. Need to give it a break for the time being.

Have spent the afternoon painting "Blue Mountain Gums Mark II" It's not drying... help!

The background has taken me the best part of the afternoon... have the heaters on trying to dry 300gsm paper...LOL

Once dry...speed painting will be involved.
How's your weekend going?

SrishtiArt said...

What do you mean it's not drying??? Oh boy, oh boy!!! How can I help???? Is it a watercolor? How can it not be drying????{puzzled]


Srishti... LOL!

It's drying slowly, you are forgetting it's winter here... I started another gum leaf painting this afternoon as Sweetmango here asked me what my next painting was... I need to get this finished by tomorrow afternoon and it has taken forever to dry today and have the blow heater on it!....too much water i think!

All part of the fun and games. Te hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Hmm my weekend? Not as 'hob-nobby' as yours! tee hee hee ;)
Painting the big desert painting, all acrylics for a change, it has been a long time since I did a all acrylic painting,...I love the clean up, so easy, so fast!! I have finished one of my mixed media pieces, a whimsical, fanciful number called LOVE. I posted it on my blog, come over to my place when you have some spare time and have a look:)
I am doing another one right now for my little red haired angel girl :)they are heaps of fun, very absorbing and quite challenging because it is not about precision or perfection but all about intention and meaning. I find them very good for the artists soul:)