Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd visits Bankstown Arts Centre
On Thursday May 7, 2009, PM Kevin Rudd popped in to the Arts Centre in Bankstown where the Bankstown Art Society has its home, gallery and studio spaces.

Our humble little 'watercolour group' who get together each week to paint and share in our love of art along with our tutor Norma was going to get a visit from the PM.. huh? - yeah right!!!
Are you serious?!

You can imagine the surprise... For obvious security reasons these visits are not usually announced in advance.

PM Kevin Rudd's visit, which included a brief tour of the Bankstown Arts Centre in Sydney, was to announce $3.15 million in funding to go towards the redevelopment of the centre.
This along with plans to foster the Arts in the area, will go a long way to improving this facility. Bankstown Art Society and its members i'm sure are all delighted by this announcement as they have known about this redevelopment project for some time, perhaps Bankstown City Council will announce a date for this work and proposals to commence in the not to distant future!

i did not attend on Thursday as i was unwell, however i was so so happy to have shared in this news when Norma called me yesterday. Talking with her at length and sharing in her excitement, it was as if i was there myself!!!

Thank you Norma for calling with this great news! You should probably count your blessings i wasn't there actually.. may have asked the PM some embarrassing questions like.. um.. "What hair products do you use to get that shine?" :) You know i am messin' with you! ;)

You can view the pictures HERE