Life can take people in directions unexpected.
For a while there i was lost and am now, albeit slowly, finding me again.

I'm trying to reconnect with my art, and have only had moments here and there to paint.
Sometimes taking paints out, bought canvases, only to put them away or stack them in an unused room.

Wishing to have continued to be a part of the wonderful art community which i followed for years; connecting through forums and blogs, but this was totally out of my reach and not possible.

Now uploading, i realise how removed i have become. 

Fleeting moments here and there to view my stagnant blog or any kind of art works online only added to my pain. Wishing i had the energy and focus to keep up with all who encouraged me and that i in turn also supported.

In uploading something here... it is solely because i want to be held accountable for at least keeping that small flicker of light which is my passion to paint alive - to continue my journey, my diary.

The feather here.. as i've always believed is the symbol of 'faith'.

So out of touch i have been, that it was only recently i found out about Nick Simmons. 

To Nick... every time i pick up my brush these last few months, i have thought of you and your support of me here on the blog as i started out in art. Makes me so sad... my heart goes out to Olga and Larissa and to those who loved you as a friend and admired your work as an artist. 
A beautiful, giving soul gone too soon.
Rest easy NNG 

On a last note.. my mother would be proud that i have had the fortitude to go on. 
She loved my paintings and she also knew how much happiness it gave me to be part of a community of artists, both at a local level here in Sydney and online.
She also knew, through me, about the wonderful artists i followed and admired.

She watches me now.

To my Angel... 
Ti voglio un bene da non finire.
There is no end to my love... it is infinite.

Dal mio cuore
patricia vannucci

Breathe and Reboot

It's been so long since posting here.
Not sure I even remember how...
Here goes....

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