magnolia in vintage vase
still life

re worked

After some re working of the centres I feel it is closer to what I had envisaged in my mind.

Not having a reference photo to go by, relying on memory, and these vases and urns i have around the house makes it all the more difficult and challenging at the same time.

I am happier at least that the centres have been toned down and now have some depth to them. They were just too loud and lacked sensitivity. Now, I feel it's going in the right direction and strikes a more melodious tone in keeping with the rest of the composition.

This alteration however resulted in having to paint some of the back petals stronger, using that delicious colour Permanent Rose to bring back some of the vitality of the first version, feeling it needed this, to lift it, and thus making for a nice contrast against all the blue.

I will paint this again from scratch, as i am not entirely happy with the centres looking like they have been re worked... Looking at it closely (IRL) it is a little lacklustre in that specific area, it does annoy me not having the freshness of a first watercolour application.

Well back to the easel with this one!

magnolia in vintage vase
still life

no 3

34 x 23cm

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine

This was completed in watercolour group today
Not very happy with it in part particularly the centres and feel that it is spoilt - they are way to strong and take the focus away from the rest of the painting.

I do however like the composition and the colours as it is in keeping with the set of pictures painted previously so i have sketched this out again hoping to improve it second time around.

watercolour ladies series
no 13

19 x 20 cm

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine

an art work by jillanne

One of my fellow WC members Jillanne was so inspired by my Parrot Tulips in Vintage Vase
she contacted me asking if she could borrow the composition to paint her own version in watercolours.

It’s always interesting to see how others approach the same work whether it be compositionally or in subject. This is a perfect example of how the same painting in part, can have a style which is unique in its own right.

Jillanne explained that she would be painting daisies instead of tulips and would make the vase resemble cloisonné. She has presented an art work that is fresh and very different to mine. Although related compositionally, she has made it all her own with a different perspective on the vase along with its colour and design.
I love the freshness she has achieved...and the daisies are a delight!

Backgrounds are something i struggle with and i feel her choice of background colour well suited, giving it a cheery mood.

I very much appreciated her contacting me with her desire to try this artwork and asked her if she would return the favour by allowing me to post it on my blog.

My art journey means so much more to me than putting paint to paper and this has proven to be a wonderful stop along the way!

Thank you Jillanne for this ultimate compliment and for allowing me to post your work here.

Keep in touch and all the best!

presented as they should be
The Imperials have finally made it into their frames and are currently on exhibit at
Drummoyne Art Society 44th Annual Art Awards 2008

Opening Night is
Monday 26th May
Free Admission

Drummoyne Civic Hall
Marlborough Street
lemons in ornate vintage bowl
miniature still life
no 1

10 x 10 cm

6 x 6 cm

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine

In 1985, the Australian Society of Miniature Art was formed in NSW by artist Janine Bravery.
The society's aims have been
to create miniature works of excellence.
to foster traditional and modern works in miniature.
to encourage public awareness and enjoyment of miniature works of art.

The criteria of a miniature art work is its size being no larger than 10 x 10 cm, in area being no larger than 100 sq cm. It can be any variation under this sq area for example 8 x 12 cm.


In October, I will be submitting my application to join the Australian Society of Miniature Art (NSW) Inc to its Selection Committee in hope that my miniature works are accepted and therefore granting me membership.

I am working towards my submission of six samples of work that compliment each other and work well as a group, and in accordance with their rules also submit a biography.

My submission will include The Imperials of which there are 4 as well as the miniature above and its companion works.

Fingers crossed!

arum lilies in vintage vase
still life
no 2

34 x 23cm
watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine

parrot tulips in vintage vase
still life
no 1

34 x 23cm

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine

This watercolour workwas inspired by my love of flowers and old world possessions

le belle ballerine
birthday book
Durable Hardcover ImageWrap Design
18 x 18 cm
A small square book featuring images of the watercolour series Le Belle Ballerine
Remembering your family and friends' Birthdays lets them know they are very special to you.

This little book makes it easy
and you will never forget their special day each year.

See the range available in the series

quick sketches on this night
November 4th, 2005
A very cruel twist of fate?

It was the early morning of the 4th
that you gave up the fight.

Coco always sat by me or on my lap, it was Coco who inspired me to take up my art again. Grabbing a piece of paper and pencil, these three quick sketches of her started me off on the night of the 4th... November 05.

I also remember telling myself that i would join an art society and enrol in a watercolour class in the new year.
So it was in the new year of 2007 that i did this.
I found these today, tucked away in a folder in my studio among all my stuff.
I will always remember Coco for this as well as so many other things.
tulips by the window
still life

42 x 29 cm

watercolour on arches
185gsm hp

a day with david

Yesterday i spent the day with a most talented Australian artist, David Brayshaw.

Gladly sharing his private studio time with me and his paintings , providing me with an insight into his life experiences as an artist having spent many years living by the sea with a passion for capturing it.

Demonstrating not only his expertise and deft hand in oils, but also his ability to share openly in some techniques which he uses to create his magnificent seascapes!
A subject as beautiful as it is difficult.

On my journey home, after leaving his studio yesterday, i felt very much overwhelmed by his generosity. Giving of his time, knowledge, spirit and hospitality which he willingly shared with a stranger!


Thank you for your help, time and patience!
Feeling very much out of my depth with this medium and subject matter.
I will continue with the oil painting you started me off on.

My art journey and my reasons for painting are probably very different to others who pursue art. Leaving something of myself behind on this earth and today you have played a part in helping me do this.

Thank you.
children's story & picture book
le belle ballerine
Published: May 1, 2008
Available in
Large Format
Hardcover with Dust Jacket
13 x 11 "
33 x 28 cm
24 pages

I'm so excited to announce my first Children's Story & Picture Book incorporating all 8 of my watercolour series le belle ballerine
It is about Anna who finds herself dancing centre stage in her first ever ballet.

Anna experiences all the excitement of a successful performance with the elegance and grace ballerinas are renowned for...
she is the star and Principal of Le Belle Ballerine.