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blue Angel of Peace
Christmas card 2008

Deciding to continue this 'blue Angel of Peace' theme each year making it my signature Christmas Card sees me exploring a stained glass effect this year, as opposed to last year where my Angel bore a close resemblance to my ‘Ladies and the Musical Instruments They Play’

intricate in design and time consuming, it was very relaxing to paint and i truly felt a sense of peace and calm working on it with my 'O' round brush - yes the same one utilised on 'the Garden God II' ...could have another painting in it if i am lucky!

38 x 67 cm
watercolour on arches
300 gsm cp fine

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the Garden God II
a tribute To Norman

Just couldn't help myself with the slideshow...

Also... all going well, this will feature as a Work In Progress in the
Artist's Palette magazine Issue 71
Which will be out early 2009.
the Garden God II
a tribute to Norman

67 x 38 cm

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine


This has taken forever and there are still some minor adjustments to make.

Also I would like to extend a big thank to Rory Stapleton on RB
(after discovering our mutal love of the works of Australian Artist Norman Lindsay)
for his help and encouragement during the last couple of weeks as i worked on this furiously.

His supportive emails, as he followed its progress and imparting his technical expertise in illustration and painting especially with regard to tone as it pertains to colour was much appreciated.
Thank you so much Rory.


My Inspiration

Here at my home, in my

'Upstairs Garden'
I have a large stone plaque with a face cast into it, which hangs on the western wall of the house, catching the last rays of sun each day.

He is the protector of my Upstairs Garden
Although there is no beautiful young naked maiden standing there in front of his gargoyle-like face, safely flaunting herself before his lifeless eyes…
I have nevertheless called him my “Garden God” in homage to Lindsay and his work.
The Garden God
Norman Lindsay

perugina's tips for the Melbourne Cup 2008
Straight From The Horse's Mouth

Tonight has been spent preparing for
'the race that stops a nation'

That once a year event which has all the fillies excited.

Where hours are spent vetoing every item of clothing in the wardrobe and has every partner horrified at the prospect of having to answer 'that question' dreaded by all partners…
"Does My B** Look Big In This?"
Also deliberating on which shoes to wear with …and of course there's the all important decision about that accessory which can make or break the entire ensemble…THE HAT!

Whether to try for that Audrey Hepburn –ridiculously oversized 'My Fair Lady' look!
(Assuring your derrière will not rival that of the horses - a sure bet on the day!)
or just go the fascinator 'chook look!'
All important decisions…

All that remained this evening was studying the Form Guide.
The barriers drawn… the jockeys...the trainers… track conditions...dead weight vs. top weight...
bloodlines... and the poor animals form to be able to make the 3200 metre distance.

Tipping a science unto itself…so...with that said...
the numbers I drew out of the hat...
(insert wink)

18 Profound Beauty ridden by Glen Boss

8 Mad Rush ridden by Damien Oliver
21 Prize Lady ridden by Mark Sweeney
(which incidentally will start in barrier 18 which has never produced a Cup winner!)

Bon Chance to all!
Most importantly have fun!

work in progress
latest updates
This is where i am currently with

the Garden God II
a tribute to Norman

Perhaps the photo above will give some indication as to the size of this work.

My size 'O' round TAKLON brush has served me well and up until now and it has seen me through many of my works since starting watercolours in 2007 and remains one of my favourites still.

Ron in my watercolour group is always astounded that i utilise such a small brush and has taken to asking, "Why don't you use a bigger brush?!" whenever he sees me, regardless of whether i am painting or not.

I like to use small brushes, so i shrug and laugh. Perhaps i feel comfortable with it because like a pencil, i feel i have some control.

I am in a panic about it (the brush) making it through this piece as its bristles are wearing thin, it will be a sad day when it finally gives up.

This last picture above is the closest representing the true colour of the piece as utilising the flash mode on the camera tends to bleach out the colour.

With all the leaves completed now, all that remains is touching up various areas putting in some darks behind the foliage.

This morning sees me a little further down the road.

With more to come later this afternoon.


Finally I have settled into my latest WIP and its moving along. Looking back when updating its progress i can't believe this was started back in August.

Having no recollection of colours used had me playing the guessing game, “What colour am I?”

Some colours are obvious, others gave me some grief. This will teach me to record this in future.

Normally i don't like to drop a project as i have done in this case, and prefer to work day after day until its completion.

In Italian (as I often find myself thinking in these terms) if i break from a project, i lose “la mano”- my hand i.e. the flow of what i am doing and like handwriting on a page, the slope of it changes, therefore breaking the visual rhythm of it. So in picking this up again today, it is hoped that i will find my rhythm once more so the next few weeks can be dedicated to completing it.

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