workshop with John

John Wilson is a highly respected and sought after Australian Multi Award Winning Artist and tutor.

I have been talking about this long awaited workshop for what seems like ages!

Today, albeit out of my depth in landscape painting and oils and totally awestruck, I finally met the man who's artworks I adore!

How could I not love them when they
depict the Blue Mountains I love.

Not only a talented multi award winning artist being able to capture their unique magnificence on canvas but also lucky to reside up in the mountains.

The workshop was based on his large work

Misty Gums


120 x 100 cm

This one that features above is the small version John painted today as the demonstration which was painted from scratch, guiding us through the workshop.

Being my first ever workshop and my second landscape ever, in a workshop meant for those who have mastered the basics in oil and want to build on their knowledge of colour especially as it specifically pertains to the Australian landscape.
It covered tone, temperature, colour mixing, composition, atmosphere, highlights, reflected lights and reflections.

It would probably be very accurate to state, I struggled through this and was highly stressed pretty much from the get go!

I think by the time we had a break for lunch i was ready to go home reaching info overload!
forget the coffee, I need a real drink!

Norma, who I sat next to, was muttering to herself throughout, thoroughly enjoying herself and I just kept saying over & over in my mind Patricia, just get on with it!

Not to mention that large 'pink blob' of a colour that appeared on my palette not knowing from where it came, even shocking John... this was the moment I asked God for Divine Intervention
or at least something that resembled a tree!
Nevertheless, i did survive as best as I could, learning a little more along the way.

Linda & John


It was amazing to watch John...

...there was a picture which appeared where only moments before there was just a blank white gessoed board!

I had three assignments today...

Two of which I accomplished!

Sandra... I will call you later!

The third... I'm not so sure about.

Work Measures
28 x 36 cm

I will work on this a little more in the next few days, starting with getting rid of that terrible orange in the tree behind the main one.

During the workshop, I tried to take down as many notes as possible and will take some time tonight while it is still fresh in my mind to refine them so i can perhaps attempt this again when recovered from this extremely intense workshop today.

I was on the Mount Everest of learning curves! But by the end i was so tired and so lost! Even as adults you can get to a stage in information absorption...where like a know when it's cooked!

It certainly was a wonderful learning experience on many levels and it was just so great to finally meet 'the man' behind those magnificent works.

Artist's Palette

Issue No 64

I was thrilled to have been chosen to feature in Lang's Gallery, a section of Artist's Palette magazine seeking to give Australian's producing art an opportunity to showcase their work, whether they be accomplished or emerging.

In the this current issue, Lang's Gallery features my ongoing series of Watercolour Ladies, four of which appear in this popular Australia wide publication. Adorabella, Alexia, Nadia and of course my Signature Lady representing the series Pamela.

Every little bit helps, and it's magazines such as this, allowing opportunities for those of us who perhaps may not have other means of representation, to get a little further down the path of pursuing their art which i am passionate about.

Thank you Trevor, the Editor of Artist's Palette magazine for publishing some of my female figures from the series

A Celebration Of The Feminine

took the kids to the gallery !

Dad was unwell the night of the presentations and he was so disappointed he couldn't be there, however, i was thrilled to have Mum there on the night.

Happy he was feeling better, i gathered "the kids" up, this is what i call them, and spent some of the afternoon perusing the other wonderful works at the exhibition.

'blue swimmer dinner'

Bankstown Art Society
50th Annual Art Awards 2008

my first landscape in oils

Hartley Vale
Blue Mountains NSW
Oil on
Canvas Board
35 x 45 cm

In preparation for
John Wilson’s
Landscape in Oils Workshop

Norma Jones, my watercolour tutor, gave of her time and expertise today to go through colour mixing techniques and her knowledge of painting the Australian landscape in oil with me, in an all day painting session in her studio at home.

Realising that the upcoming Workshop with John Wilson would be very advanced for me, having no experience in painting landscapes let alone Australian landscapes. Norma thought I would benefit from a quick run down 'crash course!'

I had a wonderful day painting this from one of her many photo references. We painted together, each setting up a canvas side by side.

This private tutorial starting with equipment, laying the paint out, through to sketching and painting. The only thing we didn’t do was sign the bottom of each of our works on completion.

I was not expecting to leave with an actual oil painting of an area i love and painting this today had me feeling quite melancholy and with distant sounds of the Currawongs i was transported there if only momentarily through this painting porthole!

A big thank you Norma, for your generosity,time, kindness, patience and passing of your knowledge and most of all your support. Her love of art transfers itself and is very contagious. I like you Norma, love it all, and it is as you say... "there is just not enough time!"

Norma Jones, is a Sydney based artist.

She is currently an active member in the Bankstown Art Society where she tutors and exhibits, as well as other art societies in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Her early academic training was as a commercial artist and dress designer.

Norma has a passion for art and has worked across a variety of mediums including watercolours, oils, pastels and charcoal. This enthusiasm transfers itself in her classes and her vast experience is a valuable asset to those she instructs.

Norma has a brilliant eye for draftsmanship and her knowledge of composition, colour and painting skills combine adding interest and drama to her works in both contemporary and traditional styles.

Her works have been successfully exhibited in Sydney and rural New South Wales winning numerous awards.

Norma is sort after for workshops and demonstrations in both watercolours and oils.

Her work is represented in many private and public collections here in Australia and overseas.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate her on her awards at the Bankstown 50th Annual Art Exhibition.

Bankstown Art Society
50th Annual Art Awards 2008
Golden Anniversary


'Blue Swimmer Dinner'

Section 6
Still Life, Any Medium

Alan Somerville

To view all pictures from the
Opening Night & Presentations

Alan Somerville

Richard Phillips

Vice President

Bankstown Lions Club

I was thrilled to have been awarded a Commendation for this work

and also having the opportunity to meet Alan Somerville the man behind the sculptures

‘The Manning Horses’ in the Manning Building, Pitt Street Sydney, ‘Bronze PHOENIX’ here in Paul Keating Park, Bankstown and the statues that flank the west entrance to the Anzac Bridge here in Sydney ‘Bronze WWI Aus/NZ DIGGERS.’

He was the guest judge this year, at the Golden Anniversary Annual Art Awards, for the Bankstown Art Society.

With 180 works entered, this event has had its exhibiting members excited for the last 6 months with everyone painting madly up until the very last minute.

It is fantastic to see this exhibition grow from strength to strength with lots of wonderful works on display.

The exhibition will run until July 23rd

and if you find yourself in the area it's well worth visiting.

De Haan Gallery

Arts & Crafts Centre Cnr. Olympic Parade & Dale Parade

Bankstown NSW 2200 Sydney

10 AM - 3 PM DAILY

Congratulations to all who won awards this year.

Congratulations to the Committee Members and those that volunteered their time to putting this exhibition together making this year's

Golden Anniversary

such a success!

Look forward to seeing everyone next term.

Passing This Award On

Nothing will give me more pleasure!

As Sweetmango says...
"The truly beautiful part of this award is that the recipient gets to 'pay it forward' to another 7 people"

These are my 7 special people who I have come to know, formed bonds with through our common love of art and now communicate via the blogging world.
All have touched me in their own special way.

Here are my special 7....

Sandra Wilson


Showcasing her wonderful talent in all mediums it seems. There is nothing Sandra cannot turn her hand at. A retired Art Teacher, Sandra very generously gives of her time still guiding and providing wonderful feedback and support in many art forums.

Those who come to know the woman, are privileged!

Personally... thank you for all your support in art, wise words in life, and most importantly your friendship over the time I have come to know you.

Check out Sandra's wonderful watercolour works on her blog.


Mimi Torchia Boothby

Simple brush strokes with lots of colors
Painting with watercolours is my passion

MimiTabby as most know her, has a passion for capturing people in everyday situations with 'simple brushstrokes' Her journey in watercolours has been wonderful to watch. She loves her fur babies as much as I do and I was thrilled she has had her first art show as part of a fundraiser for the Feral cat Spay/Neuter project, donating 4 paintings two of which are from her series 'Whimsy Kitties.'

There is so much more to Mimi, than the few words I have said here.


Nick Simmons

Nicholas Simmons
Art, music, etc.

Nick caved in to joining the Blogging world Dec 07, due to popular demand. What does he Blog about... in his words...

"Miscellaneous musings, irreverent insights, obtuse observations, acerbic assignations, pointed profundities, and the occasional post re art and music."

with over 12,000 hits on his blog

I'll say no more.

NNG... thank you for your support over the time that I have come to know you. It's been wonderful to watch your 'star rise!'


Nora Sallows

Nora Sallows at Dancing Light Studio Contemporary Realism

Nora says... "Her greatest inspiration comes from painting the relationships between pets and their “people”."

Nora holds a special bond with me having painted my baby Chinchilla Buffy for her 'Cattitude' series 'Cats With Attitude' Her blog providing a wonderful insight into her world of portraiture and other subject matter.


Annie Maree McGill

Pastel Artist - Annie Maree

Annie's art journey has been an exciting one, a pastel artist foremost who has now discovered her passion for watercolours.

Annie now tutors in pastel, has recorded her first song; 'Heaven's Door'.

It's been wonderful to be part of your art journey Annie.


Srishti Wilhelm

Srishti Art

Srishti only started her blog in July of this year and I am giving her this award to help motivate her and to encourage her as she has me since meeting her over in WC.

She started painting watercolors again last year in the late winter of 2007 after a gap of 15 years.


Bob Abrahams

Bob has a plethora of Blogs... all interesting unto themselves.

Artistically Bob is an inspiration to many including me. He is generous with his feedback and support on AAF and I admire his
youthful spirit and energy he dedicates to his art.


To those 7 chosen, all you need do is...

1) Copy/Paste the logo on your blog

2) Add a link to the person who awarded you

3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4) Add links to those blogs on yours

5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

BAS Golden Anniversary Annual Art Exhibition

Opening Night

16th July at 7pm

De Haan Gallery

Cnr. Olympic Parade & Dale Parade


Alan Somerville was asked to judge the special anniversary event this year for the Bankstown Art Society.

An accomplished Sculptor, Watercolourist and Figure Artist, he will I'm sure be impressed with the standard.

With 180 works on display

this event has had its members excited for the last 6 months with everyone painting madly up until the very last minute. It's fantastic to see this exhibition grow from strength to strength with lots of wonderful works.

The exhibition runs until 23rd July.

Much volunteer work goes into these events by the commitee members and others.

They do a wonderful job fostering the arts in our area.

Bon Chance

to all.

work in progress

what a wonderful thing support is!!
When you have the support of family and friends you feel as though you can do almost anything!

What a wonderful way to celebrate this by passing it on to those you want to say I support you... I appreciate you... I encourage you...

Thank you Sweetmango for passing this 'Baton' of support, appreciation and encouragement in the form of this PREMIO... which in Italian incidentally means PRIZE.
The Prize ...feeling privileged to know you and that I have all of the above from you plus your friendship and vice versa.

Starting her Blog called Sweetmango last month in June, she advocates her desire to express herself creatively with her large canvases, rich in colour, depicting her love of the earth and its mountainous regions, as well as her passion for photography, poetry and making a difference in the world with her mantra, "I will not be the silent majority."
Already into the month of July and her second Blog (told you it was addictive)
Barking Dog alerting us to issues that we as individuals can do something about, she certainly has made an impact entering the Blogger World!

I will look forward to passing this on in the next few days, making those feel as wonderful as you have made me feel today.

work in progress

beneath blue mountain gums

for the love of the mountains

no 3

102 x 66cm

watercolour on arches
300 gsm cp fine

Painting the background on these is addictive.

Wanting to stretch this to the biggest piece of arches watercolour paper i can get my hands on at the moment and with 99 gum leaves to paint, this is going to take me a while.

beneath blue mountain gums
for the love of the mountains

no 2

77 x 67cm

watercolour on arches
300 gsm cp fine

beneath blue mountain gums
for the love of the mountains
no 1

77 x 67 cm

watercolour on arches
300 gsm cp fine
magnolia in vintage vase II
still life

no 4

34 x 23 cm

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine
Much happier with this re - do!