beneath blue mountain gums
for the love of the mountains

no 2

77 x 67cm

watercolour on arches
300 gsm cp fine


Nick said...

They're both beautiful, impossible for me to pick a favorite. How often does that happen? I think it's a good sign!


Coming from you, Judge NNG... I will take it as an good omen.

I think I'm hooked on painting those backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

Too hard to choose one over the other. End results are simply fantastic. Hope you win at the exhibition. L

Anonymous said...

It really was too hard to pick you know PG. Let us know how your picture goes. Looking forward to seeing more :) SM


L...Thanks for your well wishes.
The competition is fierce! I helped with the collection of works yesterday. Tried not to look but proved difficult! At one moment there during the day I threw up my arms and made an announcement telling everyone I was "Officially Depressed!" This apparently was catching... 10 minutes after I had made my announcement the President of the Society announced the same sentiment! LOL

It's fantastic to see this exhibition grow from strength to strength with lots of wonderful works. Alan Somerville an accomplished Sculptor, Watercolourist and Figure Artist, will be jugding this years BAS Golden Anniversary Art Show he will I'm sure be impressed with the standard.

Talk soon.


SM... Thanks for your support. It was a difficult decision for me and decided on No 2 for the show an hour before delivery.

Glad it's over and onto new and exciting well as one or two more of these.

No painting today however... there was some heavy duty cleaning going on here...FUN... NOT!

SrishtiArt said...

All the vest Perugina for the show... :) I am loving the no.2 more and more!!! xxx


Srishti... Thank you for your well wishes.

Miriam said...

Ciao Patricia, grazie per il tuo commento...purtroppo il mio arrivederci non è per un viaggio, ma per il trasloco che devo fare di casa...un abbraccio carissimo e a prestissimo...naturalmente complimenti per i tuo superbi acquerelli. Che bello il work in progress...ciao


Miriam...che bello che sei ventuta a trovarmi grazie. Spero che c'incontriamo spesso nei nostri Blog! Tutto di bene per il trasloco, che non e troppo stressante.
Sei troppo carina, grazie veramente di cuore.

A presto!