no 2

'sempre dal cuore'
always from the heart

perugina photography © 2009 patricia vannucci
words © 2009 patricia vannucci

i am missing everyone here that do the blog rounds and those of you in the bubble.
Just letting you all know that i think of you all often and i try and pop in from time to time and that you are not forgotten.

so quickly i want to thank you all dal cuore - from the heart for leaving those wonderful words of support and comfort on my last entry here, your thoughts helped me at the time i made this decision and continue to help me tremendously.
finding myself among creative souls i know you all understand the need for taking a break.

although i have not picked up a brush since making my decision to take some time to recuperate and rest, my creative expression it seems will not be quieted, how can it be when it is part of your soul and what it is you do comes from and is felt in the heart, so during this time when energy has permitted, i have engaged in a little writing and dabbled with some photography.

i will eventually get around to those tardy replies, i hope and trust you all understand this also.

sempre dal cuore
always from the heart

things that are felt in the heart
and that are from the heart are the most
beautiful things that exist in the world
they cannot be touched
they cannot be seen
felt solely

To those of you that have kept in touch during this time,
Riempie il cuore di gioia e gratitudine
It fills the heart with joy and gratitude

love, always love,
a presto,

la perugina

Friday 17 April, 2009