my first landscape in oils

Hartley Vale
Blue Mountains NSW
Oil on
Canvas Board
35 x 45 cm

In preparation for
John Wilson’s
Landscape in Oils Workshop

Norma Jones, my watercolour tutor, gave of her time and expertise today to go through colour mixing techniques and her knowledge of painting the Australian landscape in oil with me, in an all day painting session in her studio at home.

Realising that the upcoming Workshop with John Wilson would be very advanced for me, having no experience in painting landscapes let alone Australian landscapes. Norma thought I would benefit from a quick run down 'crash course!'

I had a wonderful day painting this from one of her many photo references. We painted together, each setting up a canvas side by side.

This private tutorial starting with equipment, laying the paint out, through to sketching and painting. The only thing we didn’t do was sign the bottom of each of our works on completion.

I was not expecting to leave with an actual oil painting of an area i love and painting this today had me feeling quite melancholy and with distant sounds of the Currawongs i was transported there if only momentarily through this painting porthole!

A big thank you Norma, for your generosity,time, kindness, patience and passing of your knowledge and most of all your support. Her love of art transfers itself and is very contagious. I like you Norma, love it all, and it is as you say... "there is just not enough time!"

Norma Jones, is a Sydney based artist.

She is currently an active member in the Bankstown Art Society where she tutors and exhibits, as well as other art societies in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Her early academic training was as a commercial artist and dress designer.

Norma has a passion for art and has worked across a variety of mediums including watercolours, oils, pastels and charcoal. This enthusiasm transfers itself in her classes and her vast experience is a valuable asset to those she instructs.

Norma has a brilliant eye for draftsmanship and her knowledge of composition, colour and painting skills combine adding interest and drama to her works in both contemporary and traditional styles.

Her works have been successfully exhibited in Sydney and rural New South Wales winning numerous awards.

Norma is sort after for workshops and demonstrations in both watercolours and oils.

Her work is represented in many private and public collections here in Australia and overseas.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate her on her awards at the Bankstown 50th Annual Art Exhibition.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! You were so made for oils!!! PG you have been holding out on us!! This is just beautiful! How proud are you? The other half was washing dishes and he looked over when he heard me say "wow" and said, is that a photo!!! It is perfect, the colour, the rolling hills fading into the distance. LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to ask...what size is it?

Sandy said...

Holy Mackeral!!What a great first painting in oils. Congratulations to both you and Norma.
My turn to say.."Wow! Wow! Wow!


Sweetmango... You are being too kind. It may be beginners luck!

I didn't go into this with much expectation other than running through some mixing techniques and what I needed to be armed with for the workshop on Monday... Norma and I both looked at each other and said..."Let's go for it!"

We set up the easels...and I swear I never thought I'd go home with something that remotely resembled this. Norma was excellent at guiding me through the painting. I am pretty happy with it. Learnt loads!

The size yes... will go and measure it when I finish typing. In my excitement I forgot to post this.

Sandy... Thanks for that enthusiasitic feedback. I learnt loads today... it truly was a 'crash course in Blue Mountains Landscape' and other painting tips. I guess I learn best from watching and am a visual learner.

Norma was wonderful today. It was so good to have her one on one! I hope it's not all lost on me when I meet "yours truly!" I can say I am really looking forward to the workshop on Monday. Hope I can keep up with's meant to be for advanced painters, which I was not made aware of when I booked the workshop.

SrishtiArt said...

Wow perugina,
This is gorgeous!!!! Amazing!!! Dreamy...
I can't even begin to fathom how to paint with oils.... ;)

Anonymous said...

This is outstanding for a first try. It does look like a photo, but then again it has much more depth than a photo. I feel as if I am there looking at the fields & mountains in front of me. The colours are so natural. I just love it. Another first. When will we see more? Congratulations! L


Srishti... Thank you so much. It was a great lesson today. One that I will remember always.
I really can't wait to jump into the next one.

L... Thanking you for your lovely words... truly a first for me. As for the next one! Will be attending John Wilson's Workshop on Monday...a full house I've heard, for those who have mastered the basics in oil & landscape. I dearly hope I can keep up with it all. The results if they are at all publically viewable will be posted ASAP! lol

It was a pretty intense session yesterday, the day just went so fast. I am assuming the same case for Monday.
Keep in touch.

Amy said...

'Hartley Vale, Blue Mountains' is beautiful and reminds me so much of Australia.


Amy...Glad it reminded you of home.