Bankstown Art Society
50th Annual Art Awards 2008
Golden Anniversary


'Blue Swimmer Dinner'

Section 6
Still Life, Any Medium

Alan Somerville

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Opening Night & Presentations

Alan Somerville

Richard Phillips

Vice President

Bankstown Lions Club

I was thrilled to have been awarded a Commendation for this work

and also having the opportunity to meet Alan Somerville the man behind the sculptures

‘The Manning Horses’ in the Manning Building, Pitt Street Sydney, ‘Bronze PHOENIX’ here in Paul Keating Park, Bankstown and the statues that flank the west entrance to the Anzac Bridge here in Sydney ‘Bronze WWI Aus/NZ DIGGERS.’

He was the guest judge this year, at the Golden Anniversary Annual Art Awards, for the Bankstown Art Society.

With 180 works entered, this event has had its exhibiting members excited for the last 6 months with everyone painting madly up until the very last minute.

It is fantastic to see this exhibition grow from strength to strength with lots of wonderful works on display.

The exhibition will run until July 23rd

and if you find yourself in the area it's well worth visiting.

De Haan Gallery

Arts & Crafts Centre Cnr. Olympic Parade & Dale Parade

Bankstown NSW 2200 Sydney

10 AM - 3 PM DAILY

Congratulations to all who won awards this year.

Congratulations to the Committee Members and those that volunteered their time to putting this exhibition together making this year's

Golden Anniversary

such a success!

Look forward to seeing everyone next term.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations PG, I have always just loved this picture, it really is so beautiful. It is such a 'polished' piece. I hope you are proud of your achievement because I am proud of you :)


Sweetmango...Thank you so much.
I was thrilled to have been awarded a Commended for this and also having the opportunity to meet the man behind the sculptures 'The Manning Horses'in the city,'Bronze PHOENIX' here in Bankstown and The statues that flank the entrance to the Anzac Bridge here in Sydney 'Bronze WWI Aus/NZ DIGGERS.'

'Blue Swimmer Dinner' was a work for me that was such a wonderful learning experience in colour and using the 'wet in wet' technique.

Again thank you for your support.
:) X

MimiTabby said...

Oh, absolutely fabulous! congratulations! here we have an artist who can make pebbles and crustaceans look like precious jewels. Congratulations! I am very proud of you, you deserve that commendation!


Mimi...Thank you, your support has been wonderful.

You will have to tell me all about that artist who paints the crustaceans and pebbles, sounds fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your win. Such an unusual subject. Love the real life colors. You deserve this award given all the effort. Keep at it. Im sure there are more to come. L

Nick said...

I'm not surprised Patricia, I really dig this one! Is this the show where you entered the gum tree pic? And you look suitably arty and chic in the black dress - seems to match the award perfectly (couldn't see the shoes!). Happy for you, it's contagious!

SrishtiArt said...

Applaud!!!You know for some reason I was tthinking of the "blue swimmer dinner" thisd morning!!! And I opened your blog and though, hmm.... what's the crab doing back up again?
And then I read on.... WOW I always loved that one!!!!


L... Thanks for the lovely encouraging words and confidence you have in me. I need to plan my next works out now.
Don't know where to start, but I will endeavour to "keep on keeping on!"

Funny, Alan Somerville said the same thing to me on the night.

Nick...Thank you, and yes very contagious as you well know.
In answer to your question, yes the same show I entered the 'Gum Leaves.' I was ecstatic with this work getting a Commendation. I also appreciated talking to the Judge, Alan Somerville about it. He said it was a very 'unusual subject' in a section which normally have many people entering traditional works depicting 'flowers and vases.'

Thanks for the chic comment! :) The shoes... oh... you would have loved the shoes! No...rephrase... Olga would have loved the shoes! We have the same taste in shoes!:)


Srishti... Hi, we must have posted together! Thank you for your lovely words. Fancy thinking of this one like you did...

I'm so happy. I loved painting this crab. Freda Surgenor (wonderful watercolourist here in Australia) had written to me the other night discussing which works to enter in a competition when faced with indecision. Her advice was to "pick the ones that please you the most, maybe the ones you enjoyed doing the most and then your enjoyment communicates itself to others."

Perhaps this is what happened with 'Blue Swimmer Dinner' I really, really enjoyed painting this and was very satisfied with how it turned out on the whole.

Thank you again Srishti for your support :)X

SrishtiArt said...

Wow! That is a very good advice.. I will keep that in mind..... for future. :)I submitted 3 paintings this summer at a local juried art show... Wasn't happy with one that I submitted... and which one got picked... the one I didn't like :O

So I haven't been phsyched about getting picked.... :( at all...

Neither did I like most of the work that got picked either!!! :O :O
Something to sat bout the judge....!!! But then what do I know about art.... :)

Alan Somerville sounds and looks like a very awesome persone!!! Congratulations!:) I am sooo sooo hapy for you and the crab :D

Sandy said...

Congratulations Perugina!!!! As you know,this painting has always been a favourite of mine too!It is an excellent composition and like mimitabby, I love the jewel like effects. I am not at all surprised that the judge liked it as well!


Sandy...Thank you so much. Your support has been wonderful all the way through the 18 months now that I have been painting in watercolours.

Take special care of you Sandy. Will talk soon. :) X

Amy said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the Commended for 'Blue Swimmer Dinner!' I am so proud to have such a talented friend and that artwork is amazing!

Dave said...

Congrats well done.

Jared said...

Well done Patricia !!
I’m so happy for you !

Gloria said...

Your work is beautiful, much deserved, well done!

Peter said...

Wow! Congrats Patricia.

Susan said...

Congratulations Patricia, well done, beautiful work in watercolour

Steph said...

Big CONGRATS to you x

Miriam said...


Freda said...

Well done Patricia, you deserved it.
I shall email Shirley Hagarty, our newsletter editor with the details to go in the 101 newsletter.

Ana said...

This is wonderful Patricia…I just love that work ...well deserved!

Renate said...

Congratulation Patricia-well done.

Cheryl said...

Patricia that is wonderful, congratulations, i can just see your smile from ear to ear. So well deserved.
Love Chez

Ingrid said...

Congratulations Patricia. You deserve it. I am so pleased for you. I also saw your work in the Artist Pallette Magazine. Great stuff!

Anni said...

Congratulations ! Well deserved !