Artist's Palette

Issue No 64

I was thrilled to have been chosen to feature in Lang's Gallery, a section of Artist's Palette magazine seeking to give Australian's producing art an opportunity to showcase their work, whether they be accomplished or emerging.

In the this current issue, Lang's Gallery features my ongoing series of Watercolour Ladies, four of which appear in this popular Australia wide publication. Adorabella, Alexia, Nadia and of course my Signature Lady representing the series Pamela.

Every little bit helps, and it's magazines such as this, allowing opportunities for those of us who perhaps may not have other means of representation, to get a little further down the path of pursuing their art which i am passionate about.

Thank you Trevor, the Editor of Artist's Palette magazine for publishing some of my female figures from the series

A Celebration Of The Feminine


Anonymous said...

Saw it this morning! Congratulations - great exposure. I love this series & hope you get lots of interest in the Ladies. L

Anonymous said...

YOU'RE FAMOUS!!!!! Thank god we were friends before all this happened or else you would think I wanted to be your friend to cash in on your fame!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!!
Wow PG this is just wonderful and you really deserve this recognition you are getting for your art. I am soooo pleased for you, I can't wipe the smile of my face :):):):):)
*walks away chanting* "my friends in a magazine, do dah, do dah"!

MimiTabby said...

wow, a famous painter! congratulations! It is a really wonderful thing to see your own work on the pages of a magazine.


SrishtiArt said...

Bravo!!!! Congratulations!!! Woo Hoo!!!!
I am so happy for you!!! :D :D :D
This is such a great news to have gotten first thing in the morning!
Lots of love from the bottom of my heart!!! Celebrate!!!!

Nikolai said...

Namasté Perugina:-) How impressing to be on the way to become famous. It is so very well deserved. Your watercolor ladies are breathtaking beautiful. They remind me on one of my favorite artists Gustav Klimt. Just brilliant!!!!

Sandy said...

Sweetmango has said almost exactly what I was about to write!!
Well done my friend! You definitely deserve the recognition and all the accolades that come your way.
I am off to purchase my very own copy of the magazine.


Apologies to a little tardy in my replies here as it has been a very busy weekend...

L... Thank you. As you know.
I am so happy to have had them published here and one whole page!
You have been a wonderful support... catching up with you on Thursday with all the news will be fantastic!

Thank you for your enthusiasm.
I love the little ditty song at the end - "do dah, do dah"...cute!
Thanking you for your friendship & support...I have met so many wonderful people on this journey and I would never think these things! :)
Can I cash in on the fame thing first though? LOL :)
I can't wipe the smile on my face either... must come down to earth though and get right back to it pronto!

Mimitabby...It is a surreal thing to see these in the mag! I'm still pinching myself!
Thanking you for all your support and your friendship.

Srishti...Thank you so much, it's been so exciting!

Nikolai...Namaste. Thank you for your lovely words, you are too kind. So nice of you to drop in.

Sandy... I have something better than my works featuring in the magazine... the wonderful friendships & support from people like you and others that I have met since starting this art journey 18 months ago.
I must say, the feature in the magazine is great.
Thank you my friend.
Love to you and take care.

Amy said...

CONGRATULATIONS on being featured in Artist's Palette magazine!! That's wonderful and you deserve every success. The publicity should be very helpful for you.

If you can get a copy of the magazine, could you please photocopy your entry and post it to us if it's not too much trouble? I'd love to see it.


Amy... for you, nothing is trouble.
Talk soon.
:) X

David said...

Congrats well done

Peter said...

Fantastic Patricia! Congratulations. You are really going somewhere with your art, aren’t you?

Cate said...

Wonderful news good on you

Freda said...

Well done Patricia, congratulations

Jared said...

Well done Patricia !!!!!!!
What an amazing achievement !

Cheryl said...

A big congratulations to you Patricia, that is wonderful, i bet you are so excited, i tried to buy a copy a few days ago but they were all out. I will try again at another newsagency tomorrow.

Ingrid said...

Bravo Patricia. Well done.

Susan said...

Congratulations, great news

Ana said...

wow…this is great Patricia…well deserved…Congrats!


Thank you David.

Hi Peter, I am passionate about what I do and I am trying to improve myself everyday i paint. Thanks for your congratulations.

Thank you Cate, Freda, Jared.

Thank you, i am excited and i can’t take the smile off my face.
Ingrid Russell, the lovely lady just below your comment here was the first to tell me and I have been hounding the newsagents ever was so funny! I wasn’t even aware and it was a lovely surprise.

Thank you again Ingrid!
It’s very exciting!

Thank you Susan & Ana

Soheir said...

Hi Patricia.,
Loved your website (You really can chat!!). Lovely paintings.!

I will be exhibiting at Lane Cove (not at Mosman). The Opening night will be on Friday the 8th. Hope to see you there.

I will have couple of paintings at Liverpool Art Sty.

Did you become financial member at Liverpool? Are you planing to exhibit there?

Good Luck with your "Children Books" and your Greeting "Ballerina Cards".

Keep up with your good work, and I will catch up with you, later.

Best regards..........Soheir


Hi Soheir,
I must have ESP... was thinking about you today and wondered how you were going?

Glad you finally got around to my blog! What do you mean "You really can chat!!" Hope this is a compliment! hehehehe

Thanks for the Lane Cove Opening Night information... if we can make it we would certainly love to come. All the very best with the exhibition.

I haven't become a member of the Liverpool Art Society, perhaps next year. I have a few things happening this year and it is a substantial amount already that has wet my appetite and i don't believe i can cope with anymore, as you know it can be very demanding on time and finances, no point spreading myself too thin and also need to build up on my portoflio as i have only just started really.

On Friday i was awarded 2nd Prize over at the Oatley 101 9th Member's Exhibition for my drawing 'Coco Kiss' i was surprised and thrilled to have been standing beside two very accomplished painters. Unbelievable.

Thanks for you well wishes for the Children's Books and Cards.
Art can take you in so many directions yes?

Keep in touch and Bon Chance for Friday. Will be thinking of you!

Soheir said...

Hi Patricia.,
I did admire the way you "chat" when you wrote about the variety of paintings and described each one of them.

Of course it was a compliment when I said, "You really can chat".It is a gift to be able to write as you do.

Congratulations, once more for the watercolour paintings accepted into Lang's Gallery. You could not be an "emerging Artist" as they say, but in my opinion, you emerged already.You are a great Artist.

Keep up the good work.
Hope you can come for coffee as you promised.


Hi Soheir,
Thanks for the clarification. You are being too kind in your praise.
I want to wish you all the very best with the Lane Cove Art Prize tonight, 'I have a feeling in my waters' kath & kim. If this requires explanation i will be only too happy to oblige next time. You are indeed the artist not I. It was however a thrill to be featured in the Artist's Palette magazine.

Believe me, i have tried to plan some time this week to come and visit with you. Time slipped away and here it is Friday!
We would love to come to the Lane Cove Art Prize Exhibition tonight. Need to get some details as to where it is held exactly and time.

All the very, very best to winning a prize at the exhibition.
Are you attending the 50th Anniversary Luncheon today at the Sports Club? If so i will see you there.