beneath blue mountain gums

a contemporary piece


42" x 32" framed

watercolour on arches

300gsm cp fine

Was finally popped into its frame last night.


Nick said...

Looks great!! I think that's the one you were drawing out on skype, yes?


It certainly was!
"Talk & Chew Gum...oops...Draw, I mean...Draw Gum!" lol

Anonymous said...

PG How did I miss these two photos????? It it is very late, I have just got back from 3 days in Melbourne and I thought I would have a quick look to see if there were any updates on your blog and I discover this!!! It looks just beautiful framed...and sooooo big! Love it :)
I will pop in tomorrow for coffee and a chat ;)SM


Great you're back!
Hope you had a great time in that wonderful city... Love Melbourne! I ask Sandy aka Mrs Willow to "air kiss" her for me whenever she visits.

It is big isn't it...the same size as all the other Gum paintings. I'm currently working on a larger one still, a tad over 1mtr in length... I'm so excited...going to take ages!

Please do pop in for coffee and catch up on all your news from your trip... I can only offer packet bickies :(, not a great baker of treats like you are! :) Those "muffins" were delicious.
PG x