senza foglie
without leaves

watercolour & gouache
arches 300 gsm cp

tree forms are the white of the paper
where masking fluid was utilized

36 x 56cm

i haven't painted anything since losing Bu, and haven't had the motivation or inspiration to do much of anything except for the necessary stuff which needs doing.
anyhow.. thought i'd re-post this watercolour i painted in August to move my blog along, as well as having a play with installing some music.
some time ago i mentioned listening to a compilation called Buddha-bar (of which they have many), i managed to find a few of my favourite tracks with visuals, care of YouTube. The first featuring here, Gesso's Guitar by Mystic Rhythms Band appeals to me on many levels - so was a must have with its many amazingly beautiful photographs featuring the planet which rules the Zodiac sign Cancer. Put together by Melanie, it is her tribute to the Moon, and i find it simply stunning.
i guess all i can say is it inspired me to upload something - even if it meant an old painting which you have probably already seen.
hope you are all well and painting up a storm..
enjoy the track
a presto

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci