workshop with John

John Wilson is a highly respected and sought after Australian Multi Award Winning Artist and tutor.

I have been talking about this long awaited workshop for what seems like ages!

Today, albeit out of my depth in landscape painting and oils and totally awestruck, I finally met the man who's artworks I adore!

How could I not love them when they
depict the Blue Mountains I love.

Not only a talented multi award winning artist being able to capture their unique magnificence on canvas but also lucky to reside up in the mountains.

The workshop was based on his large work

Misty Gums


120 x 100 cm

This one that features above is the small version John painted today as the demonstration which was painted from scratch, guiding us through the workshop.

Being my first ever workshop and my second landscape ever, in a workshop meant for those who have mastered the basics in oil and want to build on their knowledge of colour especially as it specifically pertains to the Australian landscape.
It covered tone, temperature, colour mixing, composition, atmosphere, highlights, reflected lights and reflections.

It would probably be very accurate to state, I struggled through this and was highly stressed pretty much from the get go!

I think by the time we had a break for lunch i was ready to go home reaching info overload!
forget the coffee, I need a real drink!

Norma, who I sat next to, was muttering to herself throughout, thoroughly enjoying herself and I just kept saying over & over in my mind Patricia, just get on with it!

Not to mention that large 'pink blob' of a colour that appeared on my palette not knowing from where it came, even shocking John... this was the moment I asked God for Divine Intervention
or at least something that resembled a tree!
Nevertheless, i did survive as best as I could, learning a little more along the way.

Linda & John


It was amazing to watch John...

...there was a picture which appeared where only moments before there was just a blank white gessoed board!

I had three assignments today...

Two of which I accomplished!

Sandra... I will call you later!

The third... I'm not so sure about.

Work Measures
28 x 36 cm

I will work on this a little more in the next few days, starting with getting rid of that terrible orange in the tree behind the main one.

During the workshop, I tried to take down as many notes as possible and will take some time tonight while it is still fresh in my mind to refine them so i can perhaps attempt this again when recovered from this extremely intense workshop today.

I was on the Mount Everest of learning curves! But by the end i was so tired and so lost! Even as adults you can get to a stage in information absorption...where like a know when it's cooked!

It certainly was a wonderful learning experience on many levels and it was just so great to finally meet 'the man' behind those magnificent works.


Anonymous said...

I think you have done very well considering that it was your first workshop & only your 2nd landscape ?. Will be looking for the end product. Hope you enjoyed the day. Very talented teacher.

Anonymous said...

At last the workshop day arrived!! I have been thinking about you all day while you were there, hoping you had fun with the oils! Isn't Johns work BEAUTIFUL :) Your piece is lovely and as L said only your second,now you just need to 'play' with your oils to get familiar with them and soon you will be producing 'your' own style of aussie landscape. You are off to such a fantastic start already!!

Sandy said...

sweetmango has said wise words. You do need to "play" with your oils. You have been to your first oils is a tense, yet exciting experience...any workshop is! You will recall your tutor's words and the tips he has given you. You will study and read about other oil painters and ultimately you will process all the information into something that is uniquely yours ...enjoy the journey!

SrishtiArt said...

Wow!!! Perugina, I love your painting, I think it's amazing and so awesome for only a second in oils!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

MimiTabby said...

nothing ventured, nothing gained, they say; and you took a giant leap into the unknown with pretty nice results! I like your orange tree.
How strange it must be to put paint in a spot and then it never moves unless you move it yourself!

I look forward to seeing more of your paintings.


L... thank you very much.

sweetmango...your suggestion here is an excellent one. Your support has been phenomenal. Thanks for having faith in me.

Sandy... thank you i will endeavour to do these things. it all takes time and patience doesn't it?

Srishti... thanking you as well. It was a great learning experience. One i hope to reinforce attending his next demonstration in the next few weeks.

Mimi...So true...and I laughed out loud when reading your comment! Esp. the part about putting paint in a spot and it never moving unless you move it! about as great as you comment about the 'dark side.' :)

Peter said...

Hey Patricia,
happy to read you enjoyed your Mount Everest of learning curves. :)

About the orange. In one way I see what you mean, in another, it does keep that tree a little in the foreground, a go between stage between foreground and background. Watch out that you don’ t make it completely disappear in the background or your painting will loose some of its depth.


Hi Peter,
I was stressed out doing this trying to keep up.
My first workshop and second landscape.

Thank you for your advise here…

Thanks for you support Peter on RB and through your emails to me.

Mrs Willow said...

Peter has given you very good advice…I totally agree…well done Perugina!


Thanks Mrs Willow, yes Peter has given me good advice. There is much to learn. Thanks for your support.

Renate said...

Wonderful art-work Patricia and yes I also agree with Peter.

Cate said...

Perugina you are very talented and you have the drive and ambition to go with it I wish you every success.


Thank you Cate.