took the kids to the gallery !

Dad was unwell the night of the presentations and he was so disappointed he couldn't be there, however, i was thrilled to have Mum there on the night.

Happy he was feeling better, i gathered "the kids" up, this is what i call them, and spent some of the afternoon perusing the other wonderful works at the exhibition.

'blue swimmer dinner'

Bankstown Art Society
50th Annual Art Awards 2008


Sandy said...

So lovely to meet your parents Perugina..You are a fine looking family.
I bet they are just so proud of you!


Sandy, thank you so much, glad that you have met them here through the Blog!

Mum has already stared here as a young lady and actually is horrified that she features here in her sexy swimsuit!

They were thrilled for me, and do not hesitate to tell me that they are proud, with or without the award. They are really supportive of my art.

Dad is a very talented man himself, he loves to draw, and has built large scale tallships. One of which we have here at home and much to my father's horror... Chocky (our Burmese...a sailor of old - reincarnated) jumps into it and pretends to be a deck hand! Tee hee hee... When I get a chance will have to take a photo.
Love to you,

SrishtiArt said...

They are beautiful and such happy and adorable people Perugina! Hugs to them from me :)


Srishti...Thank you will co!