Passing This Award On

Nothing will give me more pleasure!

As Sweetmango says...
"The truly beautiful part of this award is that the recipient gets to 'pay it forward' to another 7 people"

These are my 7 special people who I have come to know, formed bonds with through our common love of art and now communicate via the blogging world.
All have touched me in their own special way.

Here are my special 7....

Sandra Wilson


Showcasing her wonderful talent in all mediums it seems. There is nothing Sandra cannot turn her hand at. A retired Art Teacher, Sandra very generously gives of her time still guiding and providing wonderful feedback and support in many art forums.

Those who come to know the woman, are privileged!

Personally... thank you for all your support in art, wise words in life, and most importantly your friendship over the time I have come to know you.

Check out Sandra's wonderful watercolour works on her blog.


Mimi Torchia Boothby

Simple brush strokes with lots of colors
Painting with watercolours is my passion

MimiTabby as most know her, has a passion for capturing people in everyday situations with 'simple brushstrokes' Her journey in watercolours has been wonderful to watch. She loves her fur babies as much as I do and I was thrilled she has had her first art show as part of a fundraiser for the Feral cat Spay/Neuter project, donating 4 paintings two of which are from her series 'Whimsy Kitties.'

There is so much more to Mimi, than the few words I have said here.


Nick Simmons

Nicholas Simmons
Art, music, etc.

Nick caved in to joining the Blogging world Dec 07, due to popular demand. What does he Blog about... in his words...

"Miscellaneous musings, irreverent insights, obtuse observations, acerbic assignations, pointed profundities, and the occasional post re art and music."

with over 12,000 hits on his blog

I'll say no more.

NNG... thank you for your support over the time that I have come to know you. It's been wonderful to watch your 'star rise!'


Nora Sallows

Nora Sallows at Dancing Light Studio Contemporary Realism

Nora says... "Her greatest inspiration comes from painting the relationships between pets and their “people”."

Nora holds a special bond with me having painted my baby Chinchilla Buffy for her 'Cattitude' series 'Cats With Attitude' Her blog providing a wonderful insight into her world of portraiture and other subject matter.


Annie Maree McGill

Pastel Artist - Annie Maree

Annie's art journey has been an exciting one, a pastel artist foremost who has now discovered her passion for watercolours.

Annie now tutors in pastel, has recorded her first song; 'Heaven's Door'.

It's been wonderful to be part of your art journey Annie.


Srishti Wilhelm

Srishti Art

Srishti only started her blog in July of this year and I am giving her this award to help motivate her and to encourage her as she has me since meeting her over in WC.

She started painting watercolors again last year in the late winter of 2007 after a gap of 15 years.


Bob Abrahams

Bob has a plethora of Blogs... all interesting unto themselves.

Artistically Bob is an inspiration to many including me. He is generous with his feedback and support on AAF and I admire his
youthful spirit and energy he dedicates to his art.


To those 7 chosen, all you need do is...

1) Copy/Paste the logo on your blog

2) Add a link to the person who awarded you

3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4) Add links to those blogs on yours

5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.


Anonymous said...

Oh goody, isn't it fun!!! It just feels sooooo good passing it on :) Yay Sandy and Bob!!!! Congratulations to all of Peruginas nominees, I am going to enjoy visiting all of your blogs over the next week!

SrishtiArt said...

Wow Perugina, Thanks for the honour!!! I know I don't deserve it as I haven't been keeping up to it...
And you nominating me sure has gven me the inspiration to start doing so :D
Thanks so very much... This looks like a lot of fun... So can I award it back to the people who already have it? ;)

Nick said...

I'd like thank the Academy, my agent, mom and pop, Perugina Art International, my first art teacher........ (it sounds very Italian, are you sure I qualify?) I appreciate the good words. HooRoo!


Sweetmango... It was wonderful getting it and passing it on. Please do visit these Blogs, and the talented people they belong to. E
Well... I think you already know some of them.

Srishti... I know this will spur you on to get that Blog up and running! The idea of the Award I think is to 'Pay it Forward.'
Have Fun...Oh like the concept of the Food Blog!
You go girl!

NNG... Tee hee hee.
Just a bit of fun!
HooRoo to boot... wow is this in preparation for 'The Long Awaited Aus Visit?'

Sandy said...

Oh! Goodness! I am very, pleased and proud to be honoured like this. Thank you Perugina! I will definitely be passing this delightful award on.


Sandy... You are most welcome, hope you have much fun 'paying it forward'