what a wonderful thing support is!!
When you have the support of family and friends you feel as though you can do almost anything!

What a wonderful way to celebrate this by passing it on to those you want to say I support you... I appreciate you... I encourage you...

Thank you Sweetmango for passing this 'Baton' of support, appreciation and encouragement in the form of this PREMIO... which in Italian incidentally means PRIZE.
The Prize ...feeling privileged to know you and that I have all of the above from you plus your friendship and vice versa.

Starting her Blog called Sweetmango last month in June, she advocates her desire to express herself creatively with her large canvases, rich in colour, depicting her love of the earth and its mountainous regions, as well as her passion for photography, poetry and making a difference in the world with her mantra, "I will not be the silent majority."
Already into the month of July and her second Blog (told you it was addictive)
Barking Dog alerting us to issues that we as individuals can do something about, she certainly has made an impact entering the Blogger World!

I will look forward to passing this on in the next few days, making those feel as wonderful as you have made me feel today.


Anonymous said...

If only you could see how big your words have made my smile!!! My heart is full from the kindness you have shown me. Thank you Perugina, it was an honor passing this award onto you, you were the very first person I thought of...a privilege to know you.


My art journey is something greater than the art produced on the pieces of paper or canvases that will be the tangible evidence left behind.

Since on this path, I have met some wonderful people...I am so lucky to have you as one of them.

You have my support always...and when ever you are ready for that "Tuscan Adventure"....you only need say the words. :) "Andiamo!" meaning "Let's Go!"