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This is where I am currently at with

The Garden God II

A Tribute to Norman

Those of you who thought the first
‘Garden God’
was scary and ugly and told me so, and those too scared to leave a comment perhaps because there was nothing good to say...

Check this out!

My first painting was truly a ‘muck about’ and it was too much fun and had me totally engaged over the two days it took.

This is a serious second attempt at it this time.
With the colours chosen and drawing properly set out,
this does not provide any guarantee of success as there is still a long way to go before its completion.

However, I am pleased with how it is progressing.

Each painting is a learning exercise in any case, with skills built upon, aiding the next project.

His eyes are intense and his gaze fierce!
Now this is nightmare material and makes the first one look tame!

I still see the beauty within...
perhaps it is in his strength of stare which engages me!

Photographs below are a record of its progress.
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Johannes said...

Hi Patricia. My first comment in your blog : )
Yes he is indeed hideous : ) Good painting though. As usual.


Johannes...I'm glad you weren't put off from making a comment by his frightful looks! He is hideous, will balance his repugnant looks by trying to make it a good watercolour painting at least.

Anonymous said...

I love him!! Don't find him freaky/scary or hideous!! LOL In fact I think he is just lovely and were I a greek goddess I would want him to be be my gardner :) I really think he is rather strong and handsome!! Love what you are doing with him PG, you are so talented. P/S how have you been? Seems we are both so busy at the moment!! Check out my blog too, I am doing a little something you might be into doing as well...I just posted it today :) Love sm


Sweetmango… I’m so happy that you can see the beauty within and if this is illustrated by his appearance being strong and handsome…then I am with you! … Greek Goddesses and gardeners…ummm...could add up to trouble there! :)

Well… he is the protector of my garden and I am enamoured with him and I find him beautiful despite being challenged in the looks department. In fact I found him up in the mountains on one of my many drives there, stopping as you do to explore all the interesting roadside shops - I had to have him!

My father helped me install him a few years back despite his hernia…(too much information)…and being a concrete cast it was an extremely arduous task for us both. One I will remember with fondness as my father and I are kindred spirits when it comes to all things hardware…give me all the boys toys… Dad and I can spend hours in the hardware shop together… talking the talk!

Busy doesn’t even come close to describe me at the moment… my heads spinning from all the stuff happening! I’ll be over after dinner to see what’s happening in your world… sounds intriguing!

Philip said...

You've been busy its looking good love those eyes


Thanks Philip, glad you like his eyes…and talk about busy…you have been busy too I see!
That’s a good thing.

Freda said...

That’s a really nice interesting piece, so far. Looking forward to the finish.


Freda...Thank you, I value you opinion and stopping by to leave a supportive comment makes me extremely happy. I am looking forward to the finish also and hope that i can sustain the effort and quality which I am pleased with so far.

Ana said...

Thanks for sharing Patricia…you are very talented!


Thanks for stopping by Ana in support, I appreciate that, you are too kind!

Peter said...

Starting to look good Patricia! Always interesting to “see you at work”


Oh…shucks Peter…you are so kind!
I want you to post your WIP now…be brave and be the specialist I know you can be! LOL :) (insert wink)

Peter said...

Lol, not this one. It’s to far already to post as a WIP


Well the next one then…promise?
Thanks for your support Peter.

Vesna Designs said...

OMG PG...he is sensual and he is are inspiring me with some new ideas !!!


Vesna...Happy to inspire you... I really need to get this moving again. Everything has come to a halt with all that has happened to Buffy.
Perhaps motivation will strike this week, as things are at least moving in a positive direction.
Thanks for visiting, much appreciated.