the Garden God
a tribute to Lindsay

38 x 28 cm

watercolour on arches
300 gsm cp fine


SrishtiArt said...

Wow!!! He's awesome Perugina!!!!
I am in total awe :D
Very cool....
I like the way you left it unpainted.


Srishti...Thank you, I'm happy you like my "Garden God" and your feedback on the unpainted leaves is much appreciated... I'm undecided as to whether to leave it like this. I feel it does look effective... and definitely one to re-visit in the near future.

Jared said...

I didn’t see the title and that’s the first thing I thought of Patricia, a Greek God !
great work !

Peter said...

There is something scary in his stare…

Anni said...

Great use of watercolour, a beautiful tribute ~ Anni

Renate said...

Oh this is wonderful Patricia-I need one of these God’s in my garden the squirrel’s eat the tomatoes my husband planted-gorgeous painting.

Ana said...

Beautiful details Patricia!

Marion said...

wonderful, wonderful Patricia.
I have this Lindsay print in my art room – i absolutely love it and of course it’s watercolour.

Anni said...

Great! These colors are marvelous !

Ingrid said...

Great job Patricia!

Hasmig said...

What a protector, scares everyone, even me, well I think it will be good if you paint the remaining leaves. Love your paintings, they are unique. xoxoxoo

Mrs Willow said...

There is something scary and accusing in those eyes!
A very dramatic painting!


Jared…Thanks, good that “Greek God” came to your mind. LOL

Peter… Yes,there is isn’t there?
Perhaps we need to fear him!
He is the protector of my garden.
I’m glad he has evoked an emotion in you.

Anni… Hi and thank you.

Renate… LOL… I would send you one if I could, however the freight alone would bankrupt me from the sheer weight… LOL.
Its hideous face would scare those little squirrels right outta there keeping the garden fairies hard at work sprinkling their magic fairy dust everywhere.

Ana… This definitely is one to revisit in the near future.

Marion… WOW kindred spirits!
I love…love…love…anything Lindsay!
I am ashamed to say that my print remains unframed in a large folder…along with some other Lindsay prints I have gathered over the years. Must get around to doing this some day.

Glad you like my “Garden God”

Annie… Thank you

Ingrid… Thank you

Hasmig… I’m glad he didn’t scare you too much, you and others still left comments… which is good… he isn’t very pretty but gargoyles seldom are.
I have painted those remaining leaves in a light mauve tone and only half the side. I kind of liked them in negative, so decided on that.
Unique is a very nice compliment.

Mrs Willow… drama is good! Thank you.

Amy said...

Garden God is a very powerful piece. It reminds me of the exciting stone gargoyles that guard the courtyard of the old Sydney University. I am amazed that you can produce such differing and individualistic works in such a short space of time!


Amy… Thank you for you supportive comments.
He isn’t attractive, knowing this I utilised a pretty colour palette to mitigate his inhospitable looks!
A visit to Sydney Uni to take pics would be a great excursion to compile more material for this theme in the future.

Anonymous said...

I love the colors and the leaves, but its so ugly! It certainly is striking, but scary. Not too sure if I could look at all day. Probably give me bad dreams. Still wonderful work. L


L...Thanks for your terse comment on the Garden God here and in your emails! He isn't pretty I know...but gargoyles seldom are...Norman frequently included horrible little ugly gargoyle-like men in his works trying to engage the beautiful naked nubiles....OMG...I have mentioned the word "naked"...Nooooooooo!... don't go there...stay away from the light!
LOL :)

PS...If you think this one will give you bad dreams wait till I post up the's a ripper!

Larasolnishko said...

Great watercolor, nicely done


Hi, thank you very much for popping in to leave a comment.

magicmyst said...

This is fantastic! Where do you get your inspiration from? Before I even read your blog I just looked at the picxture and went wow. I love sci fi fantasy and it looks like it has just come straight from there. The composition works well and the colors are subtle and beautiful. I think they make it less scary. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Kay...Thank you what a lovely surprise to have you pop in. Glad you like "The Garden God" it isn't sci-fi fantasy, but was happy to have had it grab your attention.

My inspiration comes from "my surrounds and what I find beautiful"... this happens to be a large concrete cast plaque I have on a wall in my garden.

Please visit again.