a loose watercolour study

38 x 28 cm

watercolour on arches
300 gsm cp fine

I always admire those watercolourist that can achieve a loose work with beautiful mingling of colours.

This was sketched out last night while watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games with Chocky asleep on my lap.

This morning i set to transferring this onto watercolour paper. My aim, to render it quickly and loosely exploring colour and allowing it to form the shapes and contours of his back.
He has the biggest set of ears, we are always having a joke saying, he still needs to grow into them.

Funnily enough it's his ears I am happiest with in this painting.

Head Detail Pencil Sketch

Fur Detail Pencil Sketch

8th August, 2008


Anonymous said...

He looks so handsome, I love all of them, but I especially LoVe the watercolour one, it is fun and warm.
Beautiful PG :)


Thanks Sweetmango...he is a handsome boy! You have described the watercolour painting as "fun & warm", that is Chocky to a 'T'

MimiTabby said...

oh! you did kitties! I love them. They are so sweet and adorable!

Nice kitties, they both look happy and glowing and relaxed.


Mimi... Glad you like the "kitties"

Well Chocky actually... it's been really cold here with snow falling an hour away in the Blue Mountains. Speaking of "warm" and "spoilt"... tucked Chocky in with a "hot waterbottle" last night! He loved it!
He was "glowing and relaxed" alright...and I must be nuts! LOL!!!!!!