nap after lunch
another quick pencil sketch
Monday 25 August, 2008

Here is the front view! Buffy makes for a great subject.

His naps are more like marathon sleeps, which are deserving of a gold medal.

Good one Bu!


Anni said...

Looks extremely contented Perugina :) ~ Anni

Peter said...

That’s a big bunch of hair. :)

Gloria said...

Beautifully and delicately drawn. Lovely, I understand the beauty and the curse Perugina, as I had a Persian and I could not leave her coat for a day.

Renate said...

Wonderful delicate drawing Patricia.

Hasmig said...

Marathon Napping, that makes me laugh, very beautiful drawing, xoxoxoox

Marion said...

so beautiful. he looks so soft.

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous drawing. His fur looks so soft and beautiful

Ana said...

quick!...I would take more than that for sure…lol…beautiful work Patricia!

Freda said...

Lovely piece, Patricia, you are so very good with this medium, Fave!

Helena Nelson-Reed said...

Something about dozing animals soothes me. Your image conveys this drowsy state of contentment. Nicely rendered drawing, Perugina.


Thanks Anni, appreciate your support, yes he is one very happy kitty!

Peter...Isn’t it!!!!!!!!
It is his beauty as well as his curse I’m afraid.
Thanks a bunch. :)

Thank you Gloria Dean for stopping by with your lovely comment on my drawing today, lucky if your Persian, or indeed any Persian/long haired cat, tolerates the brush…mine unfortunately does not and as a consequence needs to be clipped each year.
I love him just the same, even senz his glorious fur coat. Buffy would have other opinions! :)

Thank you Renate for your support here on RB.

Hi there Hasmig, glad you laughed! I thought I’d “team with the theme” being the Olympic year and the games just over.
Glad you stopped by, and thank you for the lovely comment.

Thank you Marion and Cheryl.

LOL…well…quick for me…thank you Ana you are a sweetie. :)X

Thank you so much Freda for the compliment. Hope you have been well and thank you for the favourite.

Hi Helena, i am so chuffed that you have stopped by to leave a comment on some of my pieces. I am indeed a fan of your beautiful art work and am in awe of your creativity.
Thank you for your comments here, it is encouraging.