beneath blue mountain gums
for the love of the mountains

no 3

1020mm(h) x 660mm(w)

watercolour on arches
300 gsm cp fine

I've finally put this one to bed!

Will hang it up where i can look at it over the next few weeks to decide where it needs a few minor adjustments with regard to tweaking the rush!

Suggestions are welcome.

On to the next project... yeah!

work in progress

My time this week is dedicated to completing this very large work on the


A few hours of which was spent today making a dent in the 100 leaves needed to be painted.


Anonymous said...

All those leaves to do!!! Thanks for including the 'close ups', they make a real difference in the viewing of the picture, especially since I can't stick my nose right up to the work :)!!! It is looking lovely, as usual, I can't wait to see the final finished piece!


Sweetmango...I am anxious to finish this one so I can get on with other projects in the works. Glad you like the "close ups!"

Sandy said...

I agree with sweetmango! The close-ups are great and make it possible to see exactly what is happening.
This is shaping up to be one of your best ....stunning work Perugina!


Sandy, you are being too kind in your compliments. I know what it is in my mind and it's so difficult to realise this image onto the paper.
Keep on trying and keep on painting.

Anonymous said...

The finished product is a credit to you. Its simply beautiful. The colours are soft but vibrant. I really like this very much. No suggestions from me. How fortunate you are to be able to look at it for a few weeks. I think I could look at it forever. Congratulations. L


L... Thanks for your lovely thoughts on this. I'm glad it's a hit with you.

L, know how much I love the mountains. I think of them and want to leave immediately!
My need at the moment is dire...haven't been there for a while. Perhaps next week..if I'm lucky.
Well a girl can live in hope.
Have a great week.
Catch up soon.

Philip said...

Patricia love the concept and colours

Jared said...

another fantastic addition to your Beneath Blue Mountain Gums series Patricia !
I love the blue tones to this one.

firstglance said...

awesome painting love the color and your style!!!!

Ana said...

Gorgeous painting Patricia! the colors

Niculina said...

Beautiful colors!

Renate said...

Lovely art-work Patricia-wonderful colors.

Mrs Willow said...

Beautiful colours, very fresh and atmospheric …very watercolour and very Australian! Well done Perugina!!

Ingrid said...

Another lovely addition to your portfolio. Well done.

Marion said...

i love gum leaves, their shape is so entrancing as is this painting. so beautiful

Susan said...

Lovely series Patricia, I will think of them and you when we are at Katoomba next week for a couple of days!


Thanks Philip, that is a comment that gives me hope.

Thank you so much for your constant support and friendship with regard to my artistic endeavours Jared. Glad you like this addition to the series. I never thought I’d get through this one. 100 leaves in total.
Catch you later.

Firstglance...Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts. Glad you like it.

Thanks Ana, I appreciate your support. Glad you like the colours.

Thank you Niculina.

Thank you Renate.

Hi Hasmig. I’m glad you think the painting has a calming effect. You are not the first person who has said this, making me very happy.

Hi Mrs Willow, thank you for your feedback, you have pointed out all which i have tried to evoke here in this painting and all those pertaining to the series.

Thanks Ingrid.

Hi Marion, so do I! Thanks for your feedback, I’m happy to know you think it’s beautiful!

Thank you Susan… I may run into you as I too am planning a visit next week! But in any case…have a great time…I’m sure you will love it!