work in progress
cropped and done for now!

Well i didn't give it away, however i have cropped it quite dramatically from the original sketch and dulled her hair by washing back the colour.

There were things that went right with this and those...well...that didn't go to plan.

On a positive note...
I am keen on attempting this again and to perhaps start on some ideas for a series in the same Italianate style.

Had fun manipulating the image in a photo programme and have included some of them below.


work in progress


Just mucking around with painting facial features and finally 'open eyes' this afternoon after i finished the gums leaves.

I'm excited about this one. Nothing like getting stuck into a new work!

work in progress

goddess continues this evening.

Well looks as though I just couldn't stay away from my easel. Would rather paint than watch television anyday.

My latest instalment tonight sees me still working on her hair and some background.

It is slow going, howeveri am a patient person and love to be transported into this magical colourful world which reveals itself to me slowly.

work in progress
my work is done for today.

I spent much of the morning sketching out the rest of this which I will not reveal just yet because of its raw state and my undecidedness in its design.

I just jump in, ruled by the heart and not my head in the planning and watercolour is much about the planning.

Even those wonderful loose watery works which look as if they have been painted with spontaneous abandon by top artists are well planned and thought out.

I love stained glass windows and would like to achieve this here. Remembering for me this is also very much a learning exercise in colour, design and the handling of watercolour washes.

Putting this out here, as it progresses has me feeling vulnerable and exposed. When i embark on a work in progress i take my shots and post them up as i go. I do not have the work sitting here finished with photos waiting to be posted at intervals -this is, as it happens.


work in rogress
This is looking rather Botticelli-esc with her hair.

Perhaps not!
Just wishful thinking on my part.

Work today consisted of more sketching trying to get as much of her hair finished and getting a start on her torso.

work in progress
I'm going to persevere with this.

My work continues and I'm not very happy with its direction. I am trying to capture that Italianate look in the figure and also in colouring.

The poor planning in the composition has resulted in damaging the delicate surface of the watercolour paper from all the erasing.

Although not very visible here...there are very fine craze lines in the watercolour work which IRL spoils the pure and fresh look of a watercolour - an important lesson.

I've decided to crop the top of the picture so her hair seems less voluminous. I will keep going for a little longer however i have almost reached that point i am going to give it away!


Anonymous said...

Oh Perugina, she is beautiful, she really took my breath away when the photo first unveiled intself...I am excited about this one too!! Wow!!! She just looks right at you doesn't she...oh you should feel soooo proud of her!! How exciting :)


Sweetmango, thank you so much.
I'm glad you think she is beautiful. Hauntingly beautiful is what I'm striving for.
It's early days yet with this and what excites me most is the progress you make from one painting to the next.
I find watercolour so frustrating... there are times I think I understand it, and others it just has me as confused as the day I first started.
Perhaps it is this which holds me captive.
Thank you for your support.
Hugs :)X

Philip said...

Congratulations for your blog spot. Very well presented.
My favourite "THE HORSE TRAINER"
Philip Bonnici
Georges Hall.


Hi Philip and Carmen,
So nice of you to send me your thoughts. As you see I have dabbled in portraiture and love characterful faces like you do. I dabble in everything really. Very unexpected and a thrill, especially from you both.

Also thank you for your hospitality the other day after the BAS Luncheon. It was very nice to be in your home and to see your wonderful artworks. I will have to invite you both for a coffee also and a chat since we are almost neighbours!
Carmen... I have found the outdoor gym equipment you spoke of at the sports park and think of you when I go... have been there twice already.

From memory you are seeing former PM John Howard tomorrow at the club... hope you have a great day. Enjoy your spot in the lime light Philip. Congratuations again. Make sure you take photos and pass them on to Patricia (Editor of the BAS Newsletter) I think it should definitely be included in the next edition :)

Take care and keep in touch.

Anni said...

Beautiful work, watercolour gives it a very ethereal quality :) ~ Anni

Anonymous said...

I think this has turned out very lovely and is well worth exploring further. She is beautiful and I would love to see a series based on this theme. :)

Anonymous said...

Perugina, she is hauntingly beautiful, but also has a bewitching & challenging character about her. The colour in her hair is wonderful, so full. Whicever way you look at this painting it is either a beautiful painting of a Goddess by a Goddess or a beautiful painting by a Goddess of a Goddess. A series would be fantastic. Your work just gets better & better. When I think you have reached your peak, you come out with something like this. Love it heaps. L

Nick said...

Looks like one of the best yet, love that ribbony hair!

SrishtiArt said...

Wow! She's beautiful, perugina!!!!
Great job and I love that crop...
I am glad I caught that one :D
Wow I whole series of these beautiful women!!!!
I can't wait!


Anni... Thank you very much for your feedback.

Sweetmango...Thank you for your wonderful support. This was a difficult exercise but one I am keen on developing further.

You are being way too kind in your compliments and comments! I would hope to improve each time and look forward to gaining those skills which will go towards making me a better painter in the future.

NNG...Thank you, glad you love the hair!:)

Srishti...Didn't really go to plan. Works In Progress can be challenging and a learning experience as this was. Still nothing ventured nothing gained..."cropping" can be the "miracle cure" for paintings gone bad! Well that's my excuse...LOL :)X