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latest update

I have two WIP that i am trying to complete at the moment.
This one i am working on in my weekly watercolour group session, which has been going for a while now.
It has been slow but enjoyable and this is where i am currently at.
To view the other progress shots CLICK HERE
The Garden God below has not seen any progress as i am also currently moving my art space.


Anonymous said...

If I had to describe this piece in two words it would be "glowing and flowing".
I am really loving this PG, so much control in the watercolour and the layout of the design in general.
Can't wait to see this finished!
How is the move to the new studio area going? How are you going?


Hi SM...your friendship, support and feedback on my art has always been very much appreciated from the get-go! I don't know how you do it all!

I hope that you are feeling better also. You need to get some serious rest or you will burn out my friend...How was the snow?

On the painting...You and I can't wait to see this finished...seems like i have been painting this forever.

How is the move?...well i love my large spaces...and this space is small, I'll say no more.

As for the going?...well it's all come to a screaming halt and am keen to get this "spring clean" over and done with, so i can resume painting and other things...

Sandy said...

This is shaping up so well Patricia! I love your idea and composition. You are making marvelous use of the transparency of the medium.


Oh shucks Sandy (BLUSH), I'm so happy you think it's coming along well. I am pleased with its progress so far.
It has a more delicate quality about it than the previous one.
Thank you for your support. We need to catch up soon.

Nick said...

Looks even more elaborate than the last...hurry up and finish!


Nick...Oh the pressure! This is taking longer than I planned. It's been the term project in watercolour group. Once a week for 2 hours minus...making coffee and getting around to chat with everyone!

Vesna Designs said...

She is GORGEOUS...I love the movement and the delicate flow of colour and lines...delicate and feminine...can't wait to see her finished.

PERUGINA ART said... WIPs are not progressing LOL...and I do have other progress shots which are waiting to be uploaded.
Oh... I'm so slack!
Hope to get to this soon.
Thanks for your support and glad you like it so far.