what i do best
a loose watercolour exercise

27 x 27 cm

watercolour on sketch paper

I always admire those watercolourist that can achieve a loose work with beautiful mingling of colours.

Continuing to capture my beautiful boy Chocky and restricting myself to a limited palette once again. I continue my experimentation in shape and colour allowing the watercolour medium do its job.
I regret not using my regular Arches paper, however as this was purely an exercise in working out composition and colour scheme.

What I Do Best is an apt title for this work. Chocky very rarely sleeps and would rather be coursing through the house at warp speeds!
Being a two year old Burmese (& greyhound cross), is it any wonder i prefer him this way - asleep! Hence avoiding trouble.


Anonymous said...

LoVe the colour!!!
lOvE the movement!!!
LovE the smile on his face!!!
lOVe the composition!!!
I Love LOve LOVe LOVE this one!!!


LOL... This was an enjoyable exercise sweetmango. Glad you LoVed iT!