Angel of kindness

preliminary sketch in pen

42 x 30 cm


This was inspired by a comment made on a forum recently and was determined to use this energy in a positive way.

It started last week as a doodle on scrap paper whilst on the phone.

Refining the drawing in my watercolour group last week and today after an exciting weekend, with Second Prize for 'Coco Kiss', I've knuckled down getting back to some work and have a sketch close to what I feel happy with, it goes without say however, this can change when the paints come out!


wayne said...

Hi PG,
I can't believe i'm the first to comment here on this amazing intuitive drawing!! The lines seem rather wonderfully almost 'conscious of one another', as in natural fluid motions here on Earth, visible in flows of streams over rounded boulders, through narrows and rapids, in eddies, vortices, ...always empathetic, yielding, assuming the forms of otherness. Incredibly musical, your drawing. Your sensibility for the 'imaginal realm' is remarkable, imo. I'm glad you have this photograph of the drawing, before any colours were applied. Imagined colours seem to ripple across the drawing...
great work:)


Hi Wayne,
Ah!... Hael Angel of Kindness, her dominion is to motivate, encourage and inspire art, beauty and kindness - the latter encompassing all within the, if you permit me to use...(insert smile) Earth Circle.
Kindness… showing consideration and having a deep respect for everything inhabiting our ‘fragile’ sphere - may I add also here, before going any further, in your comment to W.K.Moore on Earth Circle mentioning the resounding words of Sting’s ’Fragile’ a song I listen to/think of frequently was one of the first songs chosen and added to my playlist of music for my photography blog – Perugina Photography – Images From My Life.

The energy/force from this negative experience which bought forth this drawing and hence the watercolour which followed (which btw I must finish – naughty Perugina!) along with my reasons for naming her Hael, went a long way helping me counteract and deflect this negativity.
As you well know…patterns of energy surround us (I am preaching to the converted here… lol), and from what you have expressed, in your ever so kind comments in response to my simple Preliminary Sketch in Pen, has you seeing its line and movement forming these patterns of energy, like those found ”on Earth”, therefore, we should always remember the ability we have to choose what we do with these forces and use this power to form closer connections between the emotional, physical and spiritual.
I was certainly most absorbed at the time (as if transported by music) in the drawing phase, your keen eye no doubt seeing the sets of parallel lines resembling staves in music trailing behind her.

Wayne, di nuovo grazie - thanking you again for leaving your ever thoughtful, encouraging and insightful comments.

May Hael’s angelic energy visit you and help you open the doors to connectedness within your Earth Circle - vola alto nel cielo toccando la luna – to fly high in the sky to touch the moon.