Anonymous said...

Doesn't it just look great when you see it like this :)
How exciting it will be to see your work in a magazine!!
Wonderful :)

Jade E. Henderson said...

cool slideshow mate, and wow, a magazine, nice stuff!

wayne said...

Hi PG, wow! This WIP has rapidly 'come together'! The piece reminds me a little of Leondardo da Vinci (I mean his visage). The gaze, the axial emphasis of the portrait, and the placement within the circle, all these for me echo LdV.
Regarding the tribute to Norman Lindsay, I see the connection there especially in the transparency and luminosity of your colours. You have created a powerful yet subtle piece I feel. I have always liked geometry and rhythms in art and you have imbued both within this painting.


SM,...Thank you so much. As I said ,'couldn't help myself' it looked too cool as a slideshow.

It is exciting to think this will be in AP...it was also a great learning exercise providing a deliberate opportunity to really analyse and break down your painting and thought processes behind it and for that matter all your works.
I was extremely anxious about it when I started, knowing full well this was going to feature in the magazine. Equally I am relieved that it's over and in the mail...all that remains to say in 'finale' is...
I tried my best! at this point in time.

I must apologise for not making my way over the last couple of weeks...this has had me preoccupied in thought and activity. Will catch up with you no doubt, now that things are slowing on the art front.
(((HUGS))) and thank you for all your support over the year.
Love to you and yours,


Jade...Thank you so much for your support. It is amazing to watch its progress as a slideshow.
I look at it now and it has me asking...Did that really happen?
Oh yes...the magazine! Thank you...I tried to keep the thought out of my head while painting this - Oh the pressure! I thought a WIP here and on forums had me feeling vulnerable and exposed! What have I done????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wayne… You are too kind in your thoughts and praise, and it is now evident, with the many comments you have left here since visiting my blog initially, that you are very generous with your time in providing me with your valuable insights.

Your comment with regard to ‘Leo’… as we Italians affectionately call him… (and a handsome fellow he was) particularly now that you have mentioned GGII’s likeness with regard to ‘his’ ’visage,’ has me recalling the self portrait in Red Chalk on Paper ca. 1512 - with his long locks of wavy hair!
Also his Vitruvian Man with his ‘placement within the circle’
Is this what you had in your mind when you say echo the great man?...
My turn to say WOW!

This WIP and my preparation for it to feature in AP magazine, was a great opportunity to analyse in depth, what it was that I wanted to achieve albeit a daunting task.

I have not scripted fully my thoughts and processes here to accompany the pictures with regard to GGII and The Inspiration, The Motivation & The Demonstration, as the magazine prohibits the direct transmitting of this prior to publishing. However, I was able to upload the images onto the blog as the publisher didn’t see a problem with this.

Thank you for your lovely words, I appreciate the sincerity with which they are delivered.
Your comment with it being a ‘powerful yet subtle piece’ is what I hope to have achieved… ‘a definite masculine vs. feminine play here, creating a balance… my thoughts perhaps subconsciously at first, as to colour selection, which came to light when I sat down and questioned my choices – this is perhaps what you meant in an earlier comment on ‘Lei Dorme,’ by painting intuitively…a voice I find myself listening to more often than not, but not really recognising.

I will endeavour to listen more attentively to this 'voce' in the future.

Andrea said...

Hi Patricia,

I love your Garden Man piece, and I was so delighted to see the progression of your piece on the blog.

Thank you for taking the time to view some of my posts, and yes I did think the gargoyle in Lindsay’s painting resembled my dear Pan statue, who I will begin to paint after the holidays. I have been photographing him for years with that purpose in mind. Both you and Lindsay have inspired me so, now I know I can begin to paint him creatively.

Thank you~



Andrea… you are certainly a welcome visitor here, and look forward to your return and your thoughts.
I am so happy Lindsay and I have inspired you to paint your Pan - he certainly is characterful!
I would take a brush to him immediately!
Happy holidays and gardening.
Your place from what I can see is beautiful!