Moonlight series
inspired by the Zodiac sign of Cancer

Luna Piena, Sogni d’Oro
full moon, dreams of gold
no 2

watercolour and gouache
on arches
cp 300gsm

38×57 cm

This watercolour and its title is based on an old Italian expression.


Vesna Designs said...

Ohhh she is exquisit and moon happy that your inspiration is back...these are a bit more loose and free in expression, very gentle and soft, almost melodicly flowinf through the space they this a new approach for a new series??? I love it !!!

Sandi Redding said...

this is just beautiful. i love the soft with hard lines contrast. intriguing.

J-C Saint-Pô said...

just love this moonchaser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renate Dartois said...

Enchanting creation Patricia.

MoonSpiral said...

Very beautiful image!!!

Name Mrswillow said...

Delightful and delicate…a very sensitive watercolour.

Marion Chapman said...

such a beautiful use of watercolour – incredibly delicate and lovely.

Ingrid Russell said...

Totally beautiful.

wayne said...

Hi PG, This Moonlight series is shaping up to be a very special 'Opus' (each with numbers i now see) within and among the overall themes of your art. There are strong lyrical rhythms in the hair and gentler 'largo' ones it seems in the dress lines. The circle-of-moon is a powerful yet subtlely rendered geometric symbol of symmetry and wholeness. Again i like the free-form handling of the watercolour (allowing colour-backruns/interconnections in the Moon, for example)... imo a masterful understated handling of the watercolour medium..
best wishes,


Hi Vesna, Inspiration yes…. Some other words… obsession, fixation, passion, thing, what ever it is, it coming out!!! Lol!!! There are some other distractions at present but am trying me best to apply this free expression to these ‘moon enchanted goddesses!’ Yes they have been bewitched it seems and so have I!
Ci vediamo a dopo!

Thank you Sandi for these lovely thoughts on my watercolour painting.

‘Moonchaser’ – a lovey thought there Jean-Christophe, thank you. :)

Renate, thank you so much. :)

Thank you MoonSpiral… appropriate that you have left your lovely comment here considering your lovely name. :)

Thank you Mrs Willow this is a lovely thought on my watercolour painting here.

Marion, thank you for this inspiring comment and also for your support.

Thank you Ingrid, so lovely to have you drop by with your support.

Hi Wayne, ”A very special Opus” This Moonlight series?… This is high praise indeed, and as always I am very honored that you leave your thoughts here – your support and encouragement has been phenomenal to say the very least and I sincerely thank you. Words fail me in both languages this time, English & Italian, as I have now acquired a ‘rep’ (about the place) for using the latter it seems. :) You are always too generous in your praise. I am finding myself a little more at ease with allowing these ‘colour – backruns and interconnections’ to occur and not being so demanding to control all that happens so as to strip away the personalities of each colour – instead allowing them to ‘shine’ is what I would hope and desire as an outcome here. This series is a capriccio which I am indulging in, in musical terms Capriccioso is capricious, whimsical, quaint, naughty, unpredictable so I guess I am having a little fun.

MimiTabby said...

wow! these are really truly lovely. The colors are achingly delicate and the moon is cool!
HOW are you making those wonderful hair squiggles?

nice work


Hi Mimi, thank you for those generous comments.
Those 'squiggles?' Why my very old and trusty 'O' round brush which keeps going apparently - someone very wise once told me... "It's when a brush is 'nearly worn out' that its wizardry is at hand.
I will never forget these words!