Moonlight series
inspired by the Zodiac sign of Cancer
luccentezza di Luna, mosso del Mare
lustre of moon, movement of sea
no 1

watercolour and gouache
on arches
cp 300gsm

38 x 57 cm


another late night painting
it's 1.45am
the moon tonight was hidden from view
this left me wanting for her
the Zodiac sign Cancer is a water sign ruled by the moon
being Cancerian i very much feel her presence
and tonight sense her absence
therefore painting her in my sky instead


Vesna Designs said...

Ohhhh...this is so beautiful...melodic and delicate and just all you PG...I love it !!!

Wendi. S. said...

love it..........the movement ....everything.....gorgeous.

wayne said...

PG, another truly beautiful watercolour (of your ?"moon series").. The title adds to the lyrical visual message of the painting too. Sea/watercolour, and transparency/sky, the new moon... subtle silvery, in Earth-shine.

The vignetting, the way you have left the background paper untouched around the figure, works well i feel, and doesn't detract from the subtle luminous blues of the dress nor from the warm colours of the hair. The Moon has deft soft blending and harmonising of these two main colours (like keys in music), allowing them the *freedom to roam within/among the circle of the moon*. The deliberate free use of backruns and non-interference with the *spontaneous happenings of watercolour* in this moon-circle works very well imo, even subtly suggestive of the moon's 'seas' and craters. ...yet another beautiful and very lyrical watercolour!
Best wishes,

gianlucio said...

hello Perugina , how's it going? This beautiful watercolor, paint in a particular way, congratulations!!!

Srishti said...

Oh... how lovely!!! This has to be my favourite of yours Perugina! (If that's possible!) I absolutely love love love it!!!
So much movement! Amazing!
OH! And congratulations on the appearance in the Artists' Palette!!! Wow ! I am proud of you :D

magicmyst said...

I love it, so whimsical.


Vesna, Thank you so very much. You are always here in support and with your kind praise. Will be over to see what has been happening your way as soon as I can. Ciao.

Wendy, Thank you for your thoughts.

Wayne, You are always so generous with your comments and do not know where to begin to thank you for this and the time you take to let me know your thoughts. It is very much appreciated as you know.
There are few more of these on the way, and as your comments find me at a loss, so too with what to call this series - your suggestion here with the word ‘Moon’ perhaps would be a good start.
Your observation is ‘spot on’ re the Moon with the two main colours being utilized there, and your phrasing much like music itself ”blending and harmonising of these two main colours (like keys in music), allowing them the *freedom to roam within/among the circle of the moon*.” is a lovely ‘word-picture’.
I have felt with this series a ‘tuning into’ as you have put it - these spontaneous happenings of watercolour and are feeling more at ease it seems with it *to do its own thing*.
Again, thank you

Gianlucio, Ciao, great to have you stop by. Grazie tanto, sei forte!

Srishti What can I say, you are always to kind in your praise and your enthusiasm make me enthusiastic in turn – spurring each other on is a wonderful gift. Thank you so much for your support always, it means much to me to have you and others like you leave thoughts here time and time again. I am touched. (((HUGS))) x

Kay, Lovely to have you drop in, thank you for your comment – that you say you ‘love it’ and then include the word ‘whimsical’ has left me most happy. Thank you.

J-C Saint-Pô said...

gogeous elegant painting!

she seems floating in the air!
love how you did the hair & the dress!

a real beauty this painting!


Corinne Pouzet said...

Your paintings of women are always so…evanescent and elegant Patrizia ! A real treat for the eyes !

Corinne Pouzet said...

Your paintings of women are always so…evanescent and elegant Patrizia ! A real treat for the eyes !

Peter Zentjens said...

Oh, another fine example of your work Patricia.
Like the previous one, I really like the “flow” in this one.

Renate Dartois said...

A dreamy female silhouette poignant and delicate-a lovely creation Patricia.

AnaCBStudio said...

Gorgeous Patricia…I like the softness and the colors

Colin Cartwright said...

Superb! Beautiful, delicate style.
I’m a cancer too.

Mrswillow said...

A beautiful interpretation of your cosmic sign …delicate and etherial.

CateTownsend said...

enchanting work and series


thank you so much Jean-Christophe, your words are so encouraging.

Corinne, grazie assai!

Thank you so much Peter. Your support means much. I am glad that you like this… there are others, and it seems we have another series… :) I’m not sure what to call them though.

Thank you so much Renate for your constant support and encouragement by way of your kind comments.

Thank you again Ana for your encouragement.

Thank you Colin. A fellow Cancerian… excellent!

Thank you so much Mrs W… your support means a lot. Glad you like this.

I can’t thank you enough Cate for your support – this encourages me greatly!

Philip Johnson said...



You are much too kind Philip… you are WONDERFUL
This comment has been typo checked! :)

linskudd said...

Beautiful painting. Love your delicate colours and lines.


Thank you linskudd, appreciate your thoughts.