Moonlight series
inspired by the Zodiac sign of Cancer

una danza al chiaro di Luna
a dance by moonlight

no 5

watercolour and gouache
on arches cp 300gsm

38×57 cm


mario said...

Che pittura luminosa e trasparente!!un sogno

AnaCBStudio said...

I am loving this series Patricia!

Steph Granshaw said...

have to agree with Ana, love it Patricia.
do i sense another little book with beautiful characters for each sun sign…..mmm food for thought Darling XX

Blended said...

Oh she is so pretty. Feels like she is floating freely in the gentle breeze.

Ingrid Russell said...

Lovely series Patricia!

Vesna Designs said...

Wow-you really are just running away with these...I somewhat see you in this emotional and artisticaly high state as the figure in this always, beautiful work PG !!!

Peter Zentjens said...

Simple beauty!
And to answer yesterdays question, I don’t even have the time to look at my paint, let alone use them. :(

Lisa said...

oh god that just takes your breath away....beautiful xx

Sandy said...

Another delightful addition to the series! I am thinking that Steph. might have something there with her comment...another book?

wayne said...

PG, i see the the Moon and figure line up (approximately) on one diagonal of the composition here (extending from upper-left to lower-right)... and yet this diagonal placement is artfully counterbalanced by a subtle resonance along the alternative diagonal (from lower-left to upper-right) via the direction of the sweeping hair and the gesture and form of the arms. This creates a beautiful spatial shimmer as if from a cymbal: simmetria, luccicante. :)


Ciao Mario, che belle parole, mi lasciano senza parole!

Thank you Ana, i am loving creating it. It is a little bit of fanciful art.

Hi Steph, thank you for your kind words and for this suggestion which has been in my thoughts – would be challenge. A birthday/zodiac themed book perhaps… mmm… yes ‘food for thought’ :) (((HUGS))) x

Thank you Blended for your kind thoughts. Appreciate your support.

Thank you for this continued encouragement Ingrid.Hi Vesna, apologies for my very tardy reply here - seems time has run away with me!!! Thank you for that lovely thought, "I somewhat see you in this emotional and artisticaly high state as the figure in this picture". This particular piece in this Moonlight series was very much inspired by a waltz that was listening to on ipod! :) A beautiful dance - Una Danza al Chiaro di Luna - i love me a good waltz!!!


This makes me very sad Pete!! To hear such things. “They will wait for you” and when you are ready, they will be at the ready also, to paint up a storm!!! Also a beautiful rose or two!!! Thank you for your wonderful support.
Take care.

J-C Saint-Pô said...

can I join the dance? It seems fun and gracious!


Hi Lisa, Welcome to my blog! Please accept my sincere apologies for my lateness in reply to your very, very kind comment.:)

Susan Moss said...

Dear Patricia, you have such a lovely style of your own, beautiful work. Well done

Renate Dartois said...

Very beautiful creation like always Patricia.


Hi Sandra, again my sincere apologies for the late reply... all i can say/add here is what a nice sentiment re a book. In any case at present am quite happy to have these grace my studio space. They fill me with such joy! As i worked on this series it was imperative that i had them nearby… even going to watercolour group i would have them next to me.. and as they grew in number the more space they would take on the table. Lol!! I need to do this when i work on a series – this was also the case with Le Belle Ballerine.
Thank you for your continued support Sandra.


Hi Wayne, my most sincere apologies to you for my late reply. Your comments always leave me senza parole - without words, and this one is no exception.
To have you cast your artistic eye over my work/s and for the time you take to share your expertise and acquired knowledge in art, and in this medium specifically i.e. watercolour (in other posts) is something I value greatly.
I do not see it merely as a comment...No! It brings about something most important that I share with you now.. for me it presents an opportunity to learn, it is for me a lesson. Your generosity with regard to sharing your knowledge with me via a comment/s such as this, and indeed those who come to read them also, will realise as I have, how precious it is to have such support.
Your very kind words in English and extended kindness including those of my first language Italian saying in your description “simmetria, luccicante” is testimony of your consideration, care and thoughtfulness.
Wayne, you have left yet another 1pt diamond here, there are already many you have scattered among the pages of my blog, each precious. I’m sure I speak for others.. those you also visit feel the same way. :)
Mille grazie e vi ringrazio per questo incoraggiamento e per la vostra gentilezza.Thousand thanks and thank you for this encouragement and for your kindness.



J-C,You most certainly can… a dance by the light of the moon.

Hi Susan, thank you for your kind comments, glad to have you stop by.

Thank you so much Renate, you ongoing support is a treasure!!!