Moonlight series
inspired by the Zodiac sign of Cancer
Luna luminosa non e` da nasconderti
luminous moon no reason to hide

no 4

watercolour and gouache
on arches cp 300gsm

38×57 cm



Rose Moxon said...

your work is always breathtaking! beautiful.

Noel Elliot said...

can’t understand a word you are saying … the painting…....where do you get the inspiration? PS. had a woman very interested in one of yours in the gallery today….but hubby put his foot down about spending the money.

Jared Revell said...

beautiful work Patricia, so delicate.


Rose, you are too much!!! Thank you… your support means a great deal. You are also a wonderful friend.

LOL!!! That’s ok Noel, you don’t have to understand my Italian… i can talk to you about this later if you like. My inspiration – this is based on the zodiac sign of Cancer…
I think we should both ‘cross our fingers’ and hope that a little feminine persuasion goes a little way to change his mind!
Anyway… if this doesn’t come about… it was very nice and important i feel to know there are persons who like the work enough to consider buying – for me this is very important – thanks Noel.

Thank you Jared, nice to have you drop by with your thoughts, your continued support is appreciated.

Jared Revell said...

A bright moon is not to hide


Oh Jared… you are so right yes!
Thank you

Sandy said...

Like all your lovely ladies this one is also delicate, sensitive, very beautiful and ethereal.
Keep them coming Patricia...they are a wonderful series.

Sylvia Tax said...

Beautiful !

Adriana Glackin said...

I’m really enjoying this “Moon” series – delicate, beautiful and absolutely magical! :D

Marion Chapman said...

she’s floating so airily. lovely!!

J-C Saint-Pô said...

I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEE this collection of “moonchasers”

Brad MacDuff said...

This is like a dream. Beautiful and ethereal, and she is so serene.


Sandra, Your support has been wonderful, thank you so much for leaving your thoughts here.
I am enjoying this interlude and whimsical indulgence... perhaps it is my way of trying to 'relax' before getting into some other more challenging projects - whatever form these may take.
To have you say these lovely things leaves me very encouraged, and dal cuore - from my heart, i thank you.


Thank you Sylvia. :)

Adriana, it means much to have your support. Your ribbon series is un adoro! I hope in the cooler autumnal months we are able to meet up at Lindsay’s place… wonder through the tranquil gardens looking at his beautiful sculptures and breathing in the mountain air which i miss.
(((HUGS))) Gorgeous girl.

Thank you so much Marion… btw… had a look at your beautiful works in ‘the flesh’ the other day at the Monthly Exhibition over at Oatley… just divine!
My best wishes to you always.

Thank you so much for this your continued support Jean-Cristophe, you are fantastic!

Hi Brad and welcome, thank you so much for your thoughts, much appreciated and look forward to your continued support.

gianlucio said...

Perugina Hello, today is the feast of the woman, GREETING!!!!
I hope to have you among my readers.


Ciao Gianlucio si...una festa di donne - It is indeed a feast of women!
Che bello avere il vostro continuato sostegno, naturalmente tutti noi cerchiamo di fare del nostro meglio quando si fa i giri dei blog ... in tempo arrivero` per farvi anche voi una visita!
Un saluto
la perugina

Nice to have your continued support and of course we all try and do our best when doing the rounds of the blogs... i will get to you eventually!

wayne said...

...ethereal, mystic... the deliberate and skilled use of backruns/backwashes in the moon, PG, to allow these natural properties of watercolour to "find" or "work out" crater-like forms and seas on the Moon works so have pinned the *timing* of water-droplet placement (and droplet size) into near-dry washes in order to estimate the diameter of resultant blooms (crater-like forms) so very well.. additionally (imo) these lunar forms feel balanced in that there's neither too many nor too few ..Another great piece in this series!! best wishes,


Hi Wayne
Your continued support (of this Moonlight series of paintings and my art here) as well as your insights into what I like to describe in Italian il gioco d’acquarellothe game of watercolour provide me with much encouragement. Your skill in this medium practically and also in theory and your ability to eloquently describe what happens on the paper during ‘the game’ is something I very much admire, to have this support ‘courtside’ from such a person as yourself makes me feel truly blessed.
Sempre con gratitudine

Cate Townsend said...

So beautiful just like her creator… congratulations on being featured xxoo

Rory Stapleton said...

Nice work Perugina…good technique and use of the potential of the medium.

Peter Zentjens said...

These “moons” are turning into another great series!
And you made it onto the featured page too with this little marvel!
Excellent work Patricia, I’m most proud of you.


Cate, thank you so very much for this kind comment, take care gorgeous girl!

Rory, hey there!! Thank you so much for this encourgaing comment.

Pete, thank you for your lovely words… guess what arrived in the mail for me the other day? :)
If i wasn’t told about the feature i would have missed it… so thank you! :) Oh yes!.. you guessed right! The cards are just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will treasure always!