Moonlight series
inspired by the Zodiac sign of Cancer
il bagno al chiaro di Luna
moonlight bathe

no 3

watercolour and gouache
on arches
cp 300gsm

38×57 cm


CateTownsend said...

A beautiful series Patricia

genevieve m said...

very delicate and beautiful work. lovely water colour effects!

Colin Cartwright said...

The tidal pull of the moon. Superbly delicate, yet a primal painting!

Il primario di tirare la luna. Balneazione e nella sua luce
Superba la pittura, come sempre!

J-C Saint-Pô said...

this series devoted to the moon is just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renate Dartois said...

Love this moon series Patricia-beautiful and mystical creation.

wayne said...

Hi PG, this Moonlight series of watercololours is clearly flowing very freely and intuitively from your brush...! Here, in this one, the gesture/positioning and overlapping of arms and hands seems to resonate with generic natural rhythms (such as the entwined forms of Garden God II), highly original, and yet also so natural-looking, lyrical, appearing effortless, and in full empathy with all the other rhythms and motifs within the work. It feels as if the ball of Moon is weightless, buoyed up by her hands, arms. The more-horizontally-aligned 'waves of the blue dress' here suggest to me very much the sea. ...another brilliant work in the Moonlight series -- encore PG!
best wishes,


Cate, always thanking you for your wonderful support.

Thank you genevieve, I appreciate you stopping by with your encouraging comments.

Colin sei veramente tanto carino che mi fai questi complimenti – grazie tanto.

Aw.. you are so kind Jean-Christophe, I really appreciate your support.

Thank you Renate, i am most inspired creating this series… it has me revisiting the good place i was in when i created my ballerinas. Thank you for your continued support.

Hi Wayne, again I sincerely thank you for your support and encouragement which is highly valued by me. My capriccio continues it seems, and I believe there are a few more of these on the way (!!!) (insert smile) – so your comment here “flowing freely and intuitively from your brush” is a lovely compliment. This frenetic painting over a short period of time, was exactly the case when I painted the Belle Ballerine, and as it turns out, it was this same period last year.
Again Wayne, you have observed correctly, “horizontally-aligned 'waves of the blue dress' here suggest to me very much the sea.” This series inspired by the zodiac sign of Cancer, which has the Moon as its ruler, and is a water sign (of sea), it was suggested to me (intuitively speaking) to try and make the colours and rhythms reflective of this – hence the colour choice of Cerulean Blue (beautiful in the way it granulates) with touches of Antwerp and the weightlessness of the garments flowing and floating.
Thank you so very much for this continued support.
Best to you and your work Wayne.

pattihaskins said...

Lovely dreamlike paintings, I enjoy them so much. You are so talented,Keep them coming!

Philip Johnson said...

wonderful with a capital W

Niculina Florian said...



You are too kind Patti, your support encourges me. Thank you for dropping in, it is very much appreciated.

Mr Wonderful aka Philip, your support is wonderful!
This comment also typo checked! :)

Grazie tanto Niculina.

Morgaine said...

Beautiful work !


Morgaine, Thank you for visiting, hope to have your continued support.