Moonlight series

inspired by the Zodiac sign of Cancer

pace e serenita`
peace and serenity

no 6

watercolour and gouache
on arches cp 300gsm

38×57 cm


just a quick note letting you all know

this will be my last post for a while and i don't know for how long.

i am ok, however feel i need to take a break for a while, and collect myself so i can take up painting with renewed energy, positiveness and inspiration something that i am very much lacking in at present.

i will certainly miss doing this but feel it best to try and recuperate and get some needed rest and some sunshine as i have found myself very exhausted with many late nights with very little sleep painting these works and others over the last few months.

this upsets me because painting has provided me with such joy, and i am at my happiest when doing so and as such will miss it.

pushing through with very little energy, motivation and inspiration left, i worked on this last painting today so i could at the very least post it up to complete this series. i don't think there are anymore Moonlight Ladies to paint here, that need to what i call - 'come out'!

thanking all of you who have been so very kind in providing support here and on RB, i have very much appreciated the time you all take to leave your positive comments of encouragement on my paintings and i will certainly miss this support.

having said this, i am still answering emails and i will try and visit blogs and keep in touch on RB with those of you i have come to know when i can, as this is also something which fills me with great joy as i also love to provide support and encouragement in return.

i guess this is a nice work to finish with as it is my wish.
wishing everyone pace e serenita` which in Italian means
peace and serenity
dal cuoreas this is my wish for you all as well
love, hugs and a presto

la perugina

Friday 20 March, 2009.


Kim Grace said...

You take care of yourself, hon, see you soon :)

Blended said...

You will be missed.
May the great creator light your path and keep you safe.
Take care….........hugs Blended

Anni Morris said...

Enjoy a rest and some relaxation Patricia…look forward to seeing you and your art in awhlle. ~ Anni xxxx :)

Mrs Willow said...

You do need to rest Patricia….you have been working very hard lately.Rest and regain your srength so that you can paint with renewed energy and enthusiasm.
Take care dear friend.

Erika Husselmann said...

Good to take a break – enjoy! This piece is lovely too, love the colours and the romantic feel, but is she floating downwards towards a point of rest? LOL.. take care of you now.

pattihaskins said...

I know as a fellow artist how hard it is to “Make art” Take a vacation but you must share your
talent. It is what we do. Your friend Patti

Vickyh said...

Hi Patricia,
Take care and get well soon. Remember to turn to your big heart and have a big smile… a true Dominican !!
Keep in touch with…....Vicky

Peter Zentjens said...

You go and recharge those batteries girl. :)
We all need that once in a while so I’m sure we all understand.
Take care!

Ingrid Russell said...

Have a well earned rest. Enjoy. You deserve it.

Cate Townsend said...

I will miss you beautiful Patricia…........... take care my thoughts and love are with you Cate xxxooo

Freda Surgenor said...

Have a good rest, Patricia, see you when you return.
lots o love

Marion Chapman said...

it’s a good idea to recharge when you need it. Look forward to seeing you round RB and Oatley.

Phoogy said...

Tke a well deserved break my friend and recharge those amazingly talented batteries. Im sure we will see you again soon. Take Care.

Renate Dartois said...

This certainly a lovely piece to end the series with Patricia-get a good rest and renewed strength. I have been thinking of taking a little break myself do not feel very motivated these days….take care.

Ana CB Studio said...

Enjoy your break…love your work…Hugs

J-C Saint-Pô said...

wish you all the best!
Hope the break will do you lots of good! Hope the sun will give you lots of energy! Lots of vitamine D

Holleyarna said...

It’s good to take a break sometimes and come back refreshed, I hope the break will be just what you need. I bought the Artist’s Palette just this last week and recognized your work straight away. Congratulations on being featured, your work is truly beautiful and well deserving of recognition. I love how creative you are! I look forward to your return :)

Susan Moss said...

Enjoy your break and come back inspired

joel said...

rest well my sweet pal. we will all miss you and look forward to your return full of energy and pizzazz!!!


-- Joel.

Jade E. Henderson said...

Hi PG! Go lay on the grass my friend, where the wind is fresh and the light dapples through the trees....or the beach is great too woohoo that's where I go! Somewhere away from your mind anyway...
Love your art, hope you remember to come back to us!
Love Jade

Srishti said...

Perugina (((hugs)))...
I hope you get some good rest and feel good....
I know you will return with lots of creative energy!
Lots & Lots of Love to you

magicmyst said...

Gorgeous work and I hope you are feelin newly invigorqated and well rested soon. Kay

Vesna Designs said...

You will be missed dals, but you have to take time out and re-energize your spirit...we'll all be waiting for you when you get back, so take care and have a good rest - HIUGSSS!!!

Wendi. S. said...

.Brilliance is in............
The heart,
The thought,
the Smile...........


Miriam said...

Un altro splendido acquerello! Sogni e poesia trovo siano un elemento costante nei tuoi splendidi acquerelli. A cui si deve aggiungere, fantasia, creatività, e la capacità di creare emozioni.
Un abbraccio from Italy!!!

Nick said...

As Mark Twain said, let the inspirtaion tank fill up again, it will, it always does. See you soon!

wayne said...

Hi PG,
..all artists need time out to rejuvenate and reinvigorate the soul..

i wrote a short poem to hopefully reflect your/our Cancerian connection to the Moon and as a homage to your Moonlight series.. here it is..


Full Moon (siamo tutti legati)…
Seamless phase-transitions:
now a round window-sill to
Dreamness and radiance
Filled with reflection
of hidden Sun;
Yet transposed
to white-gold, adesso d’argento
Rhymes of Moon,
Maree, maree..

Cancerian pianeta
Perfectly matched to the coin or cusp of Sun
Which the Moon may eclipse to reveal
Such perfection.

best wishes PG,

Vesna Designs said...

Hallo dals...hope your break is getting you much needed rest and energy...I have nominated you for an AWARD...when you ready, swing by my blog and pick it up darling- I miss you - HUGSSSS !!!

Pencil Sanity said...

Hello Patricia, I am so glad you found my blog because in turn I found your lovely work being posted here.
I do hope you get the rest you need and are able to return to your creative outlet soon. I am looking forward to your new work when rested.

gianlucio said...

Hello Perugina , I passed by here and I thought of coming to greet you, I hope everything goes well ... I follow you always. Un abbraccio

sauvage27 said...

...leggera... trasparenza leggiadra... vapore acqueo.....

Amy said...

I love the mystical, magical quality of your Moonlight series!