tutto quello che vedi qui
all you see here

self portrait

watercolour on arches
cp 300gsm

38 x 57 cm

It was time i tried a self portrait, and this one from a photo taken last month inspired these words below, and for some hours today inspired this watercolour you see here.
senza maschera - without mask
no trucco - no makeup/trick
no deceiving the truth
open eyed
looking straight into the eyes of the person who is willing to look back

written by
patricia vannucci
la perugina
all you see here
makes me who i am

where i have been,

yesterday, today, tomorrow

where i am
where i will go
what i have seen, beautiful and not so

what i have touched
who has touched me

my memories

those i want to keep
those i'd rather forget

my dreams
secret and known

what i hold in my heart

things i have heard
what I have spoken

what i have held in my hands
what i have lost and found

these things make me who i am

i do not know how to be another


It is very difficult to know when to stop working on a painting - this was one of the many lessons today and over the last 24 hours it seems.
I worked on it some more and perhaps should have left it alone, living with it before making any further adjustments or decisions.
Each painting provides an opportunity to learn about ones self...about their ability... about their faith in what they do... about their thought processes... for me now it is more than just the painting it seems... and this also was the lesson.

I was most distressed over this yesterday and last night when i posted this here, perhaps feeling vulnerable as it was my first serious attempt at a self portrait and in a medium i still know very little about.

These are my thoughts which i leave here.
'these things make me who i am
i do not know how to be another'
Tuesday March 10, 2009


Mrswillow said...

This is so beautiful Patricia!
I think this is one of your very best…and seems to me you have an excellent likeness.
This has everything…simpicity,lost and found edges, great feeling….I cannot stop looking at it…


Sandra, you have no idea how much your words have encouraged me. I had great trepidation posting this up on RB and the blog. My concentrated efforts it seems have gone a little way into inspiring this very kind, supportive and enthusiastic comment from you. Each painting is a learning opportunity and experience and to have you say “I think this is one of your best” is high praise indeed.
For this i simply say thank you dal cuore – from my heart.

mario piana said...

it's a wonderfuf self portrait!

Corinne Pouzet said...

Veramente bello, splendido ! puro talento artistico Patrizia. Mi spiace moltissimo


Mario, Ti ringrazio! Thank you very much.

Corinne, sei troppo gentile queste parole che mi lasciate qui. Ho provato del mio meglio. Solo questo posso fare.
Ti ringrazio tanto per il sostegnio.
Corinne, you are too kind to me with these words left here. I tried my best. Only this I am able to do.
Thanks so much for your support.

Anonymous said...

i knew that face immediately!!!!
That is so very you. Very you.
I love it!!
u can see the mystery of YOU in your eyes....i really like this one PG.
Love mango

wayne said...

..i agree with all others here PG! and Mrswillow's post (above) opens these comments so very well i feel, "This has everything.. simplicity, lost and found edges, great feeling .. i cannot stop looking at it". Watercolour portraits are exceedingly difficult. You have rendered the facial features quite exquistely imo. The subtle emphasis on the eyes, and the light within them, is quite remarkable. i agree wholeheartedly with sweetmango that there's a certain "mystery", an enigmatic quality, "in your eyes". The entrancing facial expression seems dreamlike yet fully-awake/aware. ...a beautiful, outstanding watercolour self portrait... best wishes,

Jared Revell said...

Beautiful SP Patricia !
Such lovely words too.

yimusjane said...

Beautiful. There is nothing more lovely to me than a simple watercolor portrait with a lot of white space. Hard to take my eyes off of it. Takes REAL talent.

Pinkham said...

Nice work. I see all I need to. Beautiful.

MoonSpiral said...

Wow, I can never make myself look that beautiful!!! Stunning, gorgeous work!!!!

Renate Dartois said...

Oh wow this is sweet Patricia-like a beautiful apparition-wonderful art-work.

J-C Saint-Pô said...

just loooooooooooooooooove the way you paint!
a gorgeous sensual painting!!!!!!!!!!!!


you are really precisie in your use of water colors
its rare to see a beautiful eye like that

Mariska said...

Very delicat, wonderful work, you catch her eyes brilliantly!!! bravo Patrizia!!

Jade E. Henderson said...

Wow PG this is a beautiful self portrait. You look ethereal, capturing the portrait of not just your face but your soul.

Wendi. S. said...

Loved it as soon as I saw it. The lost edges are just awesome. My only comment would be maybe your eyes are more dreamy, than sharp as you have them. But, I thats just a loosly thrown comment. I think its a wonderful painting. More please. LOL.

Srishti said...

Wow! PG, don't say that it is in a medium you know so little about!!...
I haven't known any that knows more than you!
And what a lovely self-portrait it is!!! Haven't seen any self portraits this lovely before!!!!
Can't stop looking at it!
Gotta go back an dlook at it yet again!
PS Love the poem :)

Anonymous said...

This is truly beautiful.
Congrats on such a success!

Vickyh said...

Excellent piece of work with so much character in the eyes. Beautiful !

Stephie Butler said...

Beautiful work..Superb watercolour…....

Ingrid Russell said...

Stunning! What more can I say? I agree with all the above and then some.

Steph Granshaw said...

gorgeous work my friend X

Cate Townsend said...

Such a delicate precious soul so very beautiful xxoo

Anonymous said...

This is you! I think it is your best work. I love the lost edges & I cannot stop looking at it. It seems to draw you in. Simply beautifull. L

MimiTabby said...

Hey, this is great!! congratulations, you tackled one of the harder tasks of the painter.
I like it, it's fetching and lovely

Philip Johnson said...



sm, You know how special you are to me!!
Ti voglio bene assai!!
You and I will meet along with your three gorgeous little Angels, and we will all help build a castle in the sand - un sogno che si realizzerà - a dream that will come true. This or that Tuscan villa! You choose! :)
Love pg


Again Wayne, come faccio a ringraziarti! - How do I thank you for your continued support and kind encouragement.
Your words here, “Watercolour portraits are exceedingly difficult.” have provided some comfort at a time where I have been/felt most uncomfortable, so I am thanking you sincerely. Your extremely kind (!!) and generous (!!) comments of your own, and also echoing those of Sandra and sweetmango have provided me with some reassurance that I did ok enabling me to look forward to building on this experience to apply to the next work/s whatever the subject.
Grazie tanto.


Thank you so much Jared.

Thank you yimusjane, your supportive comment here is much appreciated and very kind.

Pinkham, thank you for stopping by with your lovely words.
MoonSpiral, thank you for stopping by. You are much to kind.
Renate, powerhouse of support! Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement.

J-C… you are always soooooooooooo kind in your praise. Keep up those gorgeous works of yours!

Ismail, Thank you for your supportive words of encouragement, i am very much still a ‘fledgling’ in this medium.

Grazie Mariska, your comment is encouraging. Ciao


Hey Jade, thank you so much for those very kind and encouraging comments.

Hi Wendi, your kind supportive comments and any feedback here are much appreciated. Eager to learn from each painting and each other and the experience had with each along this path is what I look forward to most.


Oh Shristi, you are so supportive and always say the sweetest of things.
I am but a small bird still waiting to grow flight feathers and even when they finally emerge, there will still be much to learn to navigate the skies and the different winds that blow.
Shristi, you have been a great support since I started my blog and on WC… for this I am most grateful. Watching you ‘take fight’ in the last few months in your work has been a joy to watch!!!!
Love to you


Geoff Hi there, thank you so much for visiting once again and for these lovely words of encouragement.

Vickyh, you are so kind in your comments, look forward to our mutual support!

Stephie, thank you so much.

Hi Ingrid, you are so very sweet! Thank for dropping in, much appreciated. :)

Steph, great to see you. Thank you my gorgeous girl. X

Cate, thank you so much for your ever kind words – you are a wonderful girl – a precious beautiful soul which shines and always there with words of comfort and encouragement. Take care my friend.

L, Learning from one painting to another much like links in a chain. It was once said from a portrait artist who I have come to know through the art society circuit – “Your best painting is always ahead of you.” This I look forward to as I do your words of continued support and encouragement L.

Mimi, I have walked into your territory it seems – albeit momentarily! Your visit here along with your kind comment has done much to encourage me. Thanks again Mimi for this and for your continued support.

Hi Philip, your comments are always wonderful
This comment has been extra typo checked.

rory stapleton said...

Hey Perugina, Beautiful! Love both self portraits...perhaps the one with you looking at the viewer the most...your watercolour technique just gets better with each work...

A RedBubble collegue,



Hey Rory, Thank you so very much for stopping by – I am touched! Your support so valued. To have you say, “your watercolour technique just get better with each work” leaves me speechless, this coming from an accomplished artist such as yourself leaves me much encouraged.
My best to you always!

Morgaine said...

beautiful work !


Hi Morgaine, I sincerely thank you again for visiting with your thoughts.

Tito said...

Dipingere il proprio autoritratto è sempre difficile, io non ti conosco "dal vero", ma leggo che chi ti conosce, "ti riconosce", quindi hai lavorato bene!! Io posso solo dire che la donna di questo ritratto è bellissima!!


Ciao Tito sei tanto gentile. Un commento cosi, e` tanto apprezzato (anche se mi fai diventare rossa). Grazie ancora che mi vieni a trovare qui, e mi dai tanto supporto e incoraggiamento.
Spero che hai ricevuto il email che vieni invitato al blog fotografico dove vedrai il ritrato titolato "tutto quello che vedi qui" scritto in Italiano.
Ciao e di nuovo grazie