the ecstasy & the agony

pencil sketch

14 x 21cm


started whilst having lunch in the Tuscan inspired grounds of Flower Power Garden Centre.

this caffe makes the best risotto ai funghi, had to take care not to get the rice grains all over my sketch pad.

friday 4 september, 2009

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci


joel said...

nice sketch. this coul make a killer watercolor cara mio...


-- joel.

Tito said...

Uno schizzo notevole, mi piace molto l'inquadratura con il vaso "tagliato". Un ottimo soggetto per un tuo acquerello, con i tuoi colori.....lo immagino già con il vaso in chiaroscuro e le foglie.......

cabap said...

very good pencilsketch with a great perspective what is not so easy,with round objects !!!!!
jan :)

Wendi. S. said...

Not only do I love Urns, I love your sketch.......well done. X

Krista Hasson said...

Excellent job perugina, I always love your choice of subjects and compositions

Christiane Kingsley said...

This is an excellent sketch made even more interesting by the fact that you sketched only part of it! Indeed, although it can stand very well on its own, it could inspire a great watercolor.
Well done!
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Another of your wonderful pencil sketches. You seem to have the knack of making them so interesting.
I really love this one!
Its big & bold yet the flowers seem to make it soft & almost whimsical.
Great work. The sketch book spine is a beautiful effect.

perugina said...

Carino Joel grazie!
Your suggestion is worth serious consideration.

Grazie Tito! le vostre osservazioni in merito al mio lavoro sono sempre apprezzati.
il tuo suggerimento qui ”Un ottimo soggetto per un tuo acquerello, con i tuoi colori.....lo immagino già con il vaso in chiaroscuro e le foglie. merita seria riflessione.
Vengo a rispettarti tanto riguardo la tua opinione – grazie ancora.

Hi Jan! Thank you for your positive feedback and also for your acknowledgment – you are correct, it isn’t easy to render round objects – i tried my best, even though it’s just a sketch :)

Thank you Wendi - i do very much appreciate your continued support and encouragement.
There’s something nostalgic about these objects, urns remind me of la bella Italia!

Thank you Krista for those kind words.. with sketch pad packed in my caravan bag i’m ready for that subject, whenever it appears.

Hi Christiane! confessing here, sketching it ’in part only makes it half as hard – it’s my cowardly way out!
I take your suggestion of it ”inspiring a watercolour on board – thank you for this continued encouragement :)

In reply to your very kind words L and considering what i wrote above in my reply to Christiane, i felt the inclusion of the spine of my notepad in the second photograph imperative, going a little way in making me feel not so spineless!!! :D
Thank you for your continued support.

Italo said...

Ciao Perugina!!!!!
Che bello! Il taglio che hai dato al disegno è interessante, concordo con Tito.

magicmyst said...

This is a lovely sketch. Captured with so much delicacy. Kay

perugina said...

Ciao Italo.. ti ringrazio tanto! :)

Hi Kay.. thank you for those kind thoughts :)

Márcio Kindermann said...

Lindos trabalhos!

Jade E. Henderson said...

ew by fungi you mean mushroom right? lol wouldn't want you eating just any old fungi...

This is a beautiful sketch, you have been able to capture the texture of the urn too, very nice. It reminds me of something you would find in Atlantis.

perugina said...

Obrigado Marcio pela visita.

Hi Jade
definitely mushrooms! lol!!
wishing they had been fresh porcini mushrooms the best!
Almost bought some frozen ones but at $30 a bag.. me thinks no!
Thanks for the lovely comment on the urn, it was a meditative exercise at a time of high stress! - hence the title!

Billie Crain said...

Lovely sketch! I like the comp you chose..kinda off to one side, not in full view. Makes me want to peek around the edge to see the rest.;)

perugina said...

Hi Billie.. thank you. i never thought of peeking around the edge :)
i can’t explain why it is that i like to sketch stuff 'in part' (she just shrugs)