watercolour on arches
300 gsm cp fine

21 x 39 cm


inspired by photo
Dendrobium lineale 'Morobe Shower'
Craig Scott-Harden

i'm a huge fan of the orchid species, owing much of my collection to the generosity of my dear friend Graeme Banks.

Graeme along with his son David Banks, are orchid growers and run Hills District Orchids in Sydney. He makes sure that i am never without the Australian Orchid Review magazine, sending me a copy hot off the press as his son David is the current editor. Every edition of this magazine contains many interesting articles & pictures promoting these incredibly beautiful flowers.
Thank you Graeme, i hope that i may contribute, if only in small part, to the charity close to your heart Retina Australia for your generosity and more importantly for your continued friendship and support since coming to know you. perugina

painted in watercolour group
thursday 27th august, 2009

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci


Wendi. S. said...

lovely painting, and lovely thought to go with it. Worthy indeed.

Italo said...

Bellissima Orchidea Perugina, un perfetto mix di sensazione ispira. Tanto passionale quanto romantica, grazie all'acquerello.
Buona giornata.

Miriam said...

Patricia: lanciatissima nei fiori anche tu! Splendidi i colori che hai scelto. Un acquerello quasi monocromatico. Tecnicamente hai usato un perfetto equilibrio tra il flou dello sfondo in alto e il bianco nella parte inferiore. Emotivamente hai colto l'essenza di questo fiore semplice e complesso nel medesimo tempo trasferendogli le caratteristiche come ha detto Italo dell'eleganza del romanticismo e della passionalità!

F.M.Marrouch said...

very original painting, a lot of people has painted orchids, but you gave it something else, it´s alive, a mixture of flower, bird and monster, wonderful -

Pencil Sanity said...

WOW another stunning painting.

Anonymous said...

When I opened this I was blown away.
It has some much depth & the colours are so rich
Love the thoughts too
I cant tell you just how much I like this painting. Great work.

magicmyst said...

This is extroadinarily painted with so much delicacy and yet it is very powerful. Well done. I like the idea of it going to a very worthy cause too. You are obviously a very caring wonderful person. Kay

cabap said...

beautiful,very nice colors and a great composition,
bravo Perugina,
jan :)

Tito said...

Che dire, un acquerello superbo, dipinto con i tuoi colori e con molta maestria. Un fiore bellissimo questa orchidea.....osservandola....sembravoglia uscire dal foglio che la imprigiona......per vivere, magari anche un solo giorno, in libertà!!!

Krista Hasson said...


Wayne said...

This is a sensitively rendered watercolour of the dendrobium! The curved unfolding forms and shapes together with their transparent colours make for an eloquent understated painting. The restricted colour palette (which is in many respects a form of poetry) does not confuse the eye but rather clarifies the subject and luminosity of colour. A truly beautiful work.
best wishes

Srishti said...

It's gorgeous.... I just LOVE it!!!!

Billie Crain said...

Wonderful painting of this lovely orchid! I have noticed that the combo of your subject matter and the palette you choose is always very sensual.

perugina said...

Hi Wendy.. thank you, i so appreciate this continued support and time you take to leave your thoughts :)

Ciao Italo.. Grazie tanto, sono contentissima che ti piace. Il supporto via il tuo commento cosi bello scritto e` sempre tanto apprezzato!

Ciao Miriam.. non so come rispondere al tuo bel commento lasciato qui! Sei troppo complimentosa! I colori sono un po` spenti, e forse era meglio scegliere colori piu` accesi come usi te nei tuoi bei fiori in acquarelli – i tuoi lavori li ammiro tanto. Miriam io sono tanta fortunata di averti come un supporto – un fortissimo abbraccio!

Hola Francis.. i couldn't have asked for a nicer comment, ”it’s alive, a mixture of flower, bird and monster, wonderful.” Muchas gracias!!!

Hi Maria.. Thank you for those kind words, you are much too complimentary! Hope you are well.

Hi L.. i loved reading your enthusiastic/positive response to this, glad you liked it so much – thank you :)

Hi Kay.. your very kind comment left me most encouraged. Thank you for your continued support.

Hi Jan.. i appreciate your return visit, leaving these kind words – thank you.

Ciao Tito.. i vostri pensieri sul mio lavoro mi lasciano senza parole. Le ho lette tante volte, ” sembravoglia uscire dal foglio che la imprigiona......per vivere, magari anche un solo giorno, in libert√†!!! - poetica! Grazie tanto.

Hi Krista.. Thank you :)

Hi Wayne..Your art commentary/observations are always very kind! In addition you are always very generous with the time you take to leave such positive comments. To get such feedback from an experienced and accomplished artist is encouraging - it is with great respect, esteem and sincerity when i say thank you.

Hi Srishti your support by way of your kind comments & visits are much appreciated. Glad you love it :) X

Hi Billie.. Thank you kindly for your thoughtful observation and also for your return visits which go a long way in providing support. Those of us on our art journeys can live much of our time ‘alone’ while we work –i find this support invaluable!

joel said...

dearest friend pg, sorry i have been absent - or seemingly absent. thank you for producing such a sensual and beautiful watercolor.

the warm darks in the background make me shiver with delight. these supporting features are just as important as the concrete shapes of the bloom itself.

you have a masterful touch.

Craig Scott-Harden said...

Your watercolour is beautiful! Appearing to exist in a dreamscape while maintaining the species integrity, giving a wonderful contrast of reality & fantasy.
Thanks once again for choosing my photo as your subject, you have humbled me.

Sincerely kind regards, Craig.

perugina said...

Hi Joel!
No need to apologise for your absence, haven’t been around much lately myself and have only just started back to painting/blogging!
Lovely to 'see' you've returned along with your new watercolour works!
Thanking you for your very kind thoughts and art commmentary on my dendrobium! Glad it evoked such a response :)
Your atmospheric backdrops, setting the scene for your dreamy landscapes inspire me.
This is probably the closest i’ve come to having the colours swirl around carried by the water.. this or perhaps having to leave watercolour group with a wet painting in tow – Could this be the secret?

Nick said...

I can't help thinking deliciously depraved, carnal thoughts when viewing orchids...and you haven't disappointed!

perugina said...

NNG.. glad i was able to provide you with some enjoyment! :)

David Burge said...

The fluid background and the palette is superb, an orchid within an orchid.
Compliments especially on the deep magenta surge, it's a fitting backdrop for a beautifully rendered flower. Enough of this smut however, must find a nice clean website to spend my time!

perugina said...

Dake Hi!
There is a wonderful card game played in Italy called Briscola, with the named cards Asso, Tre e Re being the highest cards – these cards are sought after and are powerful when played strategically.
With your arrival, by way of this visit and kind commentary/thoughts, it seems i have scored a good hand!
Cards and smut go mano in mano - put your money down and deal!:)