terra e acqua

watercolour on arches
300 gsm cp fine

27 x 27 cm


This resulted in just play with watercolours early this morning.

An old palette containing some dregs of prussian blue, cerulean blue, light red and warm sepia too good to just wash out in my cleaning frenzy, thought i'd just dabble, like playing in mud as a child - terra e acqua - soil and water.

Remembering briefly what it was like to wallow in mud,
feeling the grit mixed with water emulsify between fingers and toes.
Making all sorts of shapes, squeezing as you go,
not caring for the mess you made,
despite being told so.

Remembering only the feeling,
of how good it was to play!

It's messy now i know, and i tell myself so.

Perhaps one day i will seriously attempt a seascape with the aid of a reference photo.

I would very much like to do this (sigh) someday, for today however, i simply wanted to play with the colours of soil and of water.

'terra e acqua'
tuesday 22nd september, 2009

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci

words © 2009 patricia vannucci


mario said...

Ah miracoli dell'acqua, sapientemente trattata con il colore!!Affascinante!

Krista Hasson said...

Beautiful! Very nice atmosphere, colors are great.

RHCarpenter said...

Messy? No. Loose and beautifully, impressionistically painted. Gorgeous!

Christiane Kingsley said...

Your poetry brought back fond memories. Your watercolor brought me some serenity. Beautiful.

Pencil Sanity said...

Sometimes our experiments make the most beautiful paintings. Well done!

wayne said...

Hi PG, imo you have a very natural affinity for watercolour as evidenced here! The freedom, and "play with watercolours" surely has very much to do with the heart and soul of watercolour. I really admire the freedom and spontaneity in this piece! Best wishes, Wayne

Tito said...

Ottimo lavoro Perugina, un acquerello fresco, immediato, spontaneo......sempre comunque poetico!

Nick said...

I like it PG, reminds me very much of our friend Nusret in Turkey. It only takes a couple of colors (sorry, colours!)

Italo said...

BELLISSIMO! L'acquerello offre proprio l'idea del sogno, del luogo già visitato, della passione avuta.

cabap said...

A very nice atmosphere Perugina!!!!

joel said...

you know how much i love wet in wet!!! i think you have posted this to tease me with your talent. it has worked!


-- joel.

Tito said...

Peugina, forse c'è qualche problema con il blog (o blogspot), non riesco a vedere il tuo ultimo acquerello (ho visto nel blog di mario la piccola icona del tuo ultimo acquerello). Quando entro nel tuo blog vedo sempre e solo il paesaggio marino. Riproverò stasera. Ciao.

perugina said...

Grazie tanto Mario per il vostro sostegnio.. con questo mi sono trovata persa, come di nuotare in acque profonde .. ma contenta di averci provato :)

Hi Krista! Thank you for your encouragement by way of your kind feedback/thoughts :)

Hi Rhonda and welcome! Thank you for your kind thoughts as a response to my musings – made me smile! I’m going to have to make some time to visit your blog! Only stopped by very briefly, thank you for adding me to your blog roll, so kind :)

Hi Christiane.. Your comment was really beautiful to read! :) Thank you.

Hi Maria.. thanking you for your kind encouraging words and continued support. It was nice to experiment in this way, I really should do this more often.

Hi Wayne.. thanking you for you continued support and your kind thoughts as well as the faith you have in my ability with handling watercolours, however
it seems the more i try to experiment with this medium the more i discover how very little i know about it! My inclination to control ‘it’ is so strong, having been one to draw more so than paint, feeling very much out of my depth attempting something like this. I likened it to driving in the snow without chains - fun but freaked out!

Ciao Tito.. Grazie infinite dei tuoi complimenti e per il vostro continuo sostegnio.

NNG hi! Yes, now that you mention Nusret i can see the similarity! Someone very wise once wrote to me - ”Nothing is new except that which is the oldest under the sun” I will not forget these words.
Colour.. colors eh.. what the heck – capisco bene – ciao!

Ciao Italo.. Grazie! Sei un poeta, vedi un po` - adesso sono io invidiosa! :)

Hi Jan.. Thank you for your kind thoughts and for visiting once again.

Hi Joel.. Your comment brings a smile to my face! I could never paint as you do - your atmospheric landscapes wet in wet, especially your latest series Frost Killing Hour – these are what I deem beautiful! In my case you are being way too kind here, thank you ugualmente it leaves me encouraged :)
Ps.. I thought I’d throw in some Italian for you knowing how much you like it ;)

Tito.. Ciao e grazie, non so cosa e successo.. ma credo che adesso si vede la mia ultima pittura/watercolour qui nel blog.
Ancora grazie.

Carlos said...

Well done!!! beautiful.

perugina said...

Thank you Carlos for this encouragement!

Rory W. Stapleton said...

The moment I saw this piece I was reminded of the beauty of New Zealand's South Island...a precious memory; thank you for that...a good piece of work...

perugina said...

Thank you Rory for this lovely comment. Glad it reminded you of the beauty of NZ, particularly the South Island, for I hear it is magnificent in its landscape. i dearly hope that one day i will be able to visit her.. she is on my list of places to see along with touching the great pyramids of Egypt.