shhh.. important research in progress

Following on from his duties as Artistic Director, Chocky has now taken on a very serious research role.

Spending much of his day pawing through copious amounts of literature hoping to grasp and gain a fuller understanding of colour and fundamentals of colour theory.

Using the internet assisting him in his quest to becoming an expert in this field unprecedented by any of his kind, Chocky is one determined little guy and nobody is going to stand in his way.

All this, and spending hours on end watching back to back YouTube videos on How To Paint in Watercolour - this one is his personal favourite!

I'm having great difficulties getting in any computer time, trusting you understand and my sincere apologies for tardy replies to comments here and to emails, also with visiting blogs.



Christiane Kingsley said...

Well, Perugina, you certainly should not stand in Checky's way if he is to become a great artist. Do give him some computer time...however, we will be most happy when he can finally let you use the computer again to communicate with your blogging friends:-)

Anonymous said...

Great to see Chocky getting down to the important things.
Just too cute for words. Great pics.

Wendi. S. said...

Go the blue tones chocky !!! Like me, I know you are absorbing it all. Good things come to he ( or she) who waits.

perugina said...

Hi Christiane.. it is bizarre how he sits there quite taken by the computer! His little head bobs about following the brush & his tail swishes from side to side mimicking its moves - i need to get me a video recorder!
see you soon :)

Hi L.. i've said this time & time again - he is a person in a fur disguise! hehe

Hi Wendi.. hehe, yes indeed! :)

Anonymous said...

he is too cute :)
i love him and maybe he can help me with my colour studies class in a month or so, with his help i should be able to get top marks.

perugina said...

Hi sm.. :) X

Krista Hasson said...

lol, he is beautiful! Pets are such a blessing, I can't remember what amused me before I had pets!

perugina said...

Hi Krista.. thank you! :)
He is a blessing indeed and amuses me all day long, even when asleep in my arms whilst having his kitty dreams - his whiskers twitch! :)

Pencil Sanity said...

Too cute, he seems to be quite intent on his studies.

Billie Crain said...

Ha! And here I always thought my cats were just trying to get between me and my PC. Btw, Chocky is B-U-T-ful! Is he a ragdoll?

perugina said...

Hi Maria.. he is very studious! hehehe

Billie lol! Thank you!
Chocky is a chocolate coloured Burmese, the breed originated from Burma and through selective breeding to Siamese.
Choc has me questioning this at times, as his tremendous speed and ability to jump incredible heights in a single bound are more suggestive of cross breeding with the greyhound or kangaroo! :D