whisper my thoughts in colours of pink

watercolour on arches
300 gsm cp fine

38 x 28 cm


whisper my thoughts in colours of pink

blooms shaped by water

will replace words

the white of paper

silence heard


thursday 17th september, 2009

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci
words © 2009 patricia vannucci


Anonymous said...

Thats fantastic!
Love the colour - pink is you.
Wonderful P.

magicmyst said...

Powerful and dreamy at the same time. The monochromatic color scheme works very well. Kay

cabap said...

AMAZING !!!!!!!!
jan :)

Fernando Pena said...

Hola Perugina, me gusta, lo monocromático tiene su atractivo

HéJa said...

From blog to blog , I stopped here : very smooth and nice drawings and paintings !
Bye ! Helene - héja

Christiane Kingsley said...

Beautiful, touching...it's you.

Pencil Sanity said...

Wonderful work.

perugina said...

Hi L.. Thank you :) You say you love the colour – colour can greatly influence our state of mind/emotions. Pink is the colour of beauty and love as it is made varying the ratio of red to white , it is quiet, pure and has a calming effect.
Glad it evoked such an enthusiastic response – pink is me.. you know me well! (she smiles)

Thank you for your thoughts and positive feedback Kay :)

Thank you Jan :)

Hola Fernando! Muchas gracias por tu comentario :)

Hi Helene.. welcome and thank you for leaving your thoughts as you travelled through :)

Hi Christiane1.. Thank you (blush in the colour of pink) :)

Thank you Maria :)

wayne said...

What an unusual composition leaving the right hand unfinished, yet finished—the paper reveals what the viewer is open to see. The rhythmic swirl to the left is 'melodic', musical. Another great piece PG!
ciao, Wayne

perugina said...

Your comments Wayne always leave me encouraged!
Your thoughts on composition are insightful and sensitive.
This was another instinctive piece with not much by way of a drawing underpinning it – i believe you understand what it means to work in this manner. Figuratively speaking - in closing my eyes i trust it would show me the way.
Thank you for your continued support, your input here is highly respected and valued.
Ciao! :)

Tito said...

Ancora un lavoro intrigante, enigmatico, forte.....nella sua dolcezza!
Chi o cosa, nasconderà questo viso "rosa", indefinito?
Proprio non riesco a vedere i tuoi lavori solo come degli "acquerelli". Ogni volta mi chiedo cosa sta dicendo "perugina"!
I tuoi quadri non sono astratti, ma per me è un pò come se lo fossero....cerco sempre la chiave per la loro lettura.....e mi piace!

Nick said...

I hope it's done, I like it just the way it is, great idea!

Italo said...

Perugina, ogni volta te lo devo ripetere? SONO INVIDIOSO!!!!!!!

perugina said...

Ciao Tito.. (la perugina sorrise) le tue osservazioni, commenti e anche la tua comprensione mi rende felice. Mi fa capire anche, che te Tito apprezzi le mie pitture, anche se non sono da una maestria, o di un capolavoro, ma sono dipinti sempre dal cuore, e con ogni pittura lascio un altro fragmento che e` e fa parte del la perugina.

Ciao NNG.. she smiles in answer, yes.. it is done.
You always make my day when you stop by!
Have fun when you go on tour! ;)

Ciao Italo.. (in dialetto)coma scti` cumba?
Che bello rivederti qui.. e non essere invidioso carino. Qui non c'e` da invidiare niente, proprio niente.
Sei sempre ben accolto!