nel buio ne ho paura
in darkness i'm afraid

pencil sketch

14 x 21cm


The present sees me drawing more so than painting in watercolours.

Perhaps it’s the convenience of just picking up a pencil and following your thoughts, as is the case here.

Beginning immediately on being inspired by the texture and classic lines of an urn, the beauty of a violin, or gazing into the adoring eyes of a cat as it looks up whilst curled in your lap.

Although this is a tad on the dark side, i am still managing to express myself creatively, i see this as a positive thing.

9th september, 2009
perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci


Anonymous said...

Very dark & very haunting.
I love the way you have allowed the background (face) to come through.
Wonderful effect.
This is great - as always.
I like your sketches more & more.

perugina said...

Hi L.. thank you for your kind thoughts and positive feedback. I will have to disagree, it isn't always great, and there are very few pieces i am satisfied with. It does document my art journey and as is the case here thoughts expressed through drawing.
The good and the bad go mano in mano.
Thank you for expressing your thoughts, it has also been noted your continued support for most pieces is much appreciated :)

wayne said...

Hi PG, ..a highly lyrical work! Why does such lyricism not surprise me?! The script is enigmatic and beautifully formed. The letters, lines and shading struck me so powerfully that I almost thought the work was fully abstract, yet then the proximal edge of the face emerged from the text as an after-image. A brilliant piece PG!! You're 'in the zone' with drawing! Ciao, Wayne

perugina said...

Hi Wayne!
Sometimes i desire to see my work with ‘fresh eyes’ – wishing to see it as others first see it.
How would i view it?
Would it have 'struck me' as it did you?
Would i have left a comment if visiting this blog, or just pass it by?
I was in two minds with regard to posting this piece, and as it has not received many comments thought perhaps this was best left between the pages of my sketch book – closed and in darkness.
Insicurezza e incertezza e` come essere nel buio.
Insecurity and uncertainty is like to be in the darkness.
Your art commentary on this piece, although me thinks e` troppo - too much for what was just a sketch in the moment has gone some way to lifting my spirit - thank you Wayne :)

Tito said...

La cosa che più affascina della tua arte non è quello "che si vede", non è "quello che appare"!!
Io trovo che in tutti i tuoi lavori ci sia molto, molto di più. Io cerco quello che tu "nascondi", forse quello che tu non vuoi che si veda solo dopo! Dopo che lo hanno visto, non solo gli anche il cuore!

Tonya Vollertsen said...

I'm always drawn to images with script. I'm no wordsmith like yourself or Wayne or Tito, But I can say I found this particularly beautiful to look at. I am so intrigued with the internet still, where I can see and and read the images and thoughts of such creative people! Lyrical is one of my favorite words btw, and I would have to agree it applies here. Cheers, Tonya

Nick said...

I'm attracted to this also. If you haven't already, check out Jose Parla!!!!

perugina said...

Ciao Tito.. siete sempre molto generoso con il tempo speso facendo i tuoi commenti. Il mio viaggio d’arte è reso ancora più speciale quando ricevo un commento come questo, che è pensieroso da uno che addesso chiamo amico.
Dal cuore Tito ti ringrazio, un abbracio.

Hi Tonya and welcome! I’m not usually so tardy with my replies, so my apologies!
Thank you for leaving your kind thoughts/feedback on this piece. I can assure you i am no wordsmith, Wayne and Tito outstrip my ability to string words together in English and Italian, and are often left speechless, and your comment here makes me feel the same, thank you. The internet has opened up the world it seems, conversely also making it just that wee bit smaller! :)
Tonya i browsed through some of your blog posts, your portraits are beautiful!

Hi NNG.. thanks for your thoughts and directing me to the works of Jose Parla. No i had not seen his amazing canvases. The layering of script/calligraphy to build up texture is incredible – i love it, very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

thats wonderful!

perugina said...

Thank you Artpencil Radisch for stopping with your thoughts.