it wasn't me

my boy Chocky
quick pencil sketch

30 x 20 cm

wednesday 26th august, 2009
10.20 pm

The Burmese Breed Profile from The Cat Fanciers’ Association website states..

“Burmese have large, expressive eyes that are great pools of innocence and seductive appeal, irresistible in effect. These eyes are their most persuasive weapon in an arsenal of endearing traits that mask an awesome power to hypnotize their owners into life-time love affairs through which they effortlessly rule their families.”

They got that right!

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci


Italo said...

Perugina, l'invidia in me aumenta ogni volta che inserisci un disegno!!!!!! :D Gran Birmano!
Un saluto da roma.

Wendi. S. said...

nice sketch . X

Anonymous said...

You certainly nailed the eyes!
No question - its Chocky.
Wonderful sketch
Something to be treasured.

Tito said...

Semplicemente stupendo nella sua semplicità e leggerezza del tratto!! Bravissima!

Billie Crain said...

Chocky most certainly looks like he is daring you to accuse him of anything. Gotta love the way cats think!:)

perugina said...

Ciao Italo,
Grazie tanto per queste belle parole d’incoraggiamento!
Un caro saluto da Sydney e anche dal mio Birmano Chocky!

Hi Wendi,
Thank you :) X

Hi L,
You think?!
Yes.. this is him!
Thank you

Ciao Tito,
Le tue parole sono sempre pieno di dolcezza e gentilezza.
Grazie tanto per l'incoraggiamento.

Hi Billie, thanking you kindly for this encouragement via your return visits.
Chocky is always getting into trouble and pushes the boundaries – he knows more than his looks let on! Your comment on receiving it made me smile!

Nick said...

They are Nature's masterpiece, no doubt about it. And people wonder why I don't care for dogs - no time when there are so many cats to admire and worship!
Is this the one you lost? My dad would probably retitle it "It Wasn't I" but i'm not a stickler...usually.

perugina said...

NNG.. Leo said something of this nature, yes?!
To answer your question.. No, this is my Chocky who needed rescuing/a home, a week after Coco passed – turns out he rescued me instead!

You, a stickler Nick?! No way!
NNG – is the sweetest, kindest, good natured, most generous guy i know who is prone to the occasional depraved thought when admiring orchids! ;)
May i add.. we don’t put on the dog around here! :)

Nick said...

Why do you think they call them "dogs"?
Oh yes it was Coco, sorry. they're all beautiful though. Now to figure a way to combine felines and string instruments....and orchids.

perugina said...

NNG.. something about breeding and training is my guess.
I’m sure your extraordinary talents and skills in various disciplines will serve you well in creating your next capolavoro aided by WT! Please, feel free (i insist) to use any one/combination of subject matter, maybe even chuck in a moon, just for good measure!