Combined Art Societies of Sydney 19th Annual 'Art of Sydney' Awards
Opening Night held at
The Terrace Room, National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour

The Combined Art Societies of Sydney are honoured to have the
Governor of NSW,
Her Excellency
Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO as its Patron.

Her Excellency extended that honour in favouring us with her presence on Opening Night on Friday 23rd January, 2009 and we were very much inspired by her words of encouragement with regard to dedicating ourselves to art and its creation.

Soheir Ehinger and I enjoyed our night immenseley despite not picking up any awards ourselves and were delighted and excited to mix and mingle with the honorary guests including our

Invited Judge John Wilson FRAS

Congratulations to all who won awards.

To David Lake A.R.A.S. a member of Oatley 101 Society of Artists who was awarded
'Artist of the Year'.

Roslyn Psakis who won 'Best In Show' for her beautiful painting "Little Smooth Shell".

I would like to also especially mention and congratulate

Freda Surgenor, who received a Commendation for her spectacular painting "Fruit Blend" and Marion Chapman fellow Redbubbler receiving a Commendation for her painting in the Miniatures "Bassist". It was wonderful to finally meet Marion on the night as we have been supporting each other on RB.

The holiday season is almost over and it will again be time for the Societies to kick start a brand new year.

All the best for 2009!
Happy painting.

la Perugina

You can view my entries in the
CASS Exhibition


Anonymous said...

You may not have won any awards, but its seems like you enjoyed yourself. Great pics. You have all of 2009 in front of you, so get painting. L


L...Oh the pressure! Can't you just let me enjoy myself for just a minute - always working, working, working!
We had a great time - I had Soheir laughing all night at my alla maffia antics involving JW...It was hillarious! Lucky some of us have a sense of humour! Dinner at Darling Harbour afterwards was definitely a highlight!

Sandy said...

Well, what a good time you have had! It all sounds like great fun and a great art event.
Is this an annual event?
Where are your pics. of your entries?


Hi Sandra...It was a wonderful night despite being heat stressed (the day at 43 degrees out where we were) - almost did not go but glad I made the effort to 'frock up' because as it turns out we had such a great night!
It is an annual event, the 19th CASS Exhibition and have included a link back to my previous post where you can view my entries.

So many wonderful works on display!
JW certainly had himself a hard task and might I stress - his choices were most deserved of their awards!
Can I say, he was looking 'a little scared' and was in two minds about attending, so he told me. You never can tell with these crazed, disappointed, 'frocked up' wanna be artists! LOL...LOL...LOL...


Oh...PS Sandra...They don't call them 'killer high heels' for nothing! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandy said...

It would be a hard job to judge such a show...I have only judged the local and some school ones.
Re the heels....I never wear them these days...too painful and tiring...can't smile and chat happily when your feet hurt!


Sandra...I do hope you know I am having a light hearted 'tongue in cheek' commentary with you here about myself - am not in anyway suggesting that judging is not a hard task.

gianlucio said...

Congratulations Perugina, the paintings are really beautiful and imaginative.

Srishti said...

Hi perugina,
You all sure had a fun time by the looks of it! I did rally enjoy looking at fruit blend! It's really unique and awesome for sure!
Stay cool
The freeze seems to be a bit better over here and I do hope the opposite cmes for you soon to take away the heat ;)


gianlucio...Grazie, molto apprezato - much appreciated, your kind thoughts and your first visit.


Hi there Srishti, was a great night. Freda’s acrylic painting ’Fruit Blend’ is a Fractal, mesmerising in their repeating /recurring geometry and this one truly is wonderful to see IRL. As for heat, 42 temps and not getting any better, the ‘freeze’ over there seems like the better option… that or perhaps I can invent some kind of water proof casing for my lap top so I can sit and blog in a bath of ice! :D … “That’s shaken…not stirred!” Ah…that’s better!
Love to you, always nice to have you drop in.

Nick said...

Her Excellency...excellent, excellent!


NNG...Why do i get the feeling i need to explain!!!! We were given a half page flyer attached to our tickets (which had to be booked) with strict instructions as to how to bow/curtsey and address, etc… Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir on the night and with regard to making reference to it in writing. Although it was a Vice Regal evening, which would normally see men dressed in formal attire and women in evening dress, it was not required on this occasion.
It was excellent meeting Her Excellency actually! :)

Vesna Designs said...

WOW-looks like you had a ball PG-you are becomeing a real art social-light, hope you are well, drop me a line when you can-HUGS!!!

Nick said...

So it was kind of a dress-down affair? Excellent. How was the food? Any speeches?


Hi V…Thank you for dropping in, and I am sorry I haven’t been able to reply promptly to you comments here. Computer glitches at present – I think this extra heat has contributed to many people having computer probs.
It was a fun night!
Talk soon.

Miriam said...

Ciao Patricia!!! Come stai? Sei elegantissima!! Che meraviglia quest'evento!!
Spero di sentirti presto.
Un carissimo e grande abbraccio!

joel said...

va bene. :D hee. hot - i tell you it was hot!

welcome to the esteemed company of the "non-award-winners anonymous". our art is just too highly evolved to win awards PG. that is my excuse...


-- Joel.

Nick said...

is Chocky playing the lottery???


Hi Joel… What a dear dear comment – I shall remember it and use it as ‘my excuse’ also.:)

Hope it has cooled considerably your way now as it has here.


Miriam... cara amica Italiana lontana.
Ti abbraccio - spero tutto bene eh?
Qui siamo un po stupiti dal caldo - senz'altro hai sentito tramite il telegiornale. Un disastro!
Grazie dei complimenti che mi fai - mi fai diventar'rossa!

Ti penso sempre - ti debbo scrivere.
A presto!