Vesna Designs said...

PG-LOL-6m of this roll...WOW...I feel your love and excitement...I'm no better with at just buying a new colour in oils, and testing it in all its mixable versions...what I can't wait for...IS THE BRILLIANT WORK OF PG ON THIS 6m...with which work will you Cristen this roll ????


LOL...OK, It's official, i am crazy... Vesna, I can't wait to paint something really big. The biggest watercolour I have attempted has been on a regular sheet which is 76 x 67cm, so this paper which is over a meter in width is quite exciting. I don't know what i will paint as yet. I guess for us, being in an art supply shop is akin to a child being in a lolly shop.
Thanks for dropping in.
:) Hope you are staying cool...42 degrees Celcius here today - it's been hell!

wayne said...

PG, how happy am I for you! I know only too well that 'crazy awesome feeling' and the excitement of having watercolour paper of those dimensions 'at hand'... I remember buying, many years ago now, one of those exact same Arches 300gsm rolls. They just even seem to get you dreaming in big pictures, and to even see 'The Big Picture'. Enlightening in a curious way. There's a kind of magic too in the 500 yr history of Arches paper-making. My largest transparent watercolour (so far) was 1150 x ~3300. I had it framed and it was huge! But my most successful large-scale watercolour thus far (imo anyway) was "North Head Bilgola" (100cm x 200cm). It was painted onto two 640gsm Arches CP sheets separately (which meant I had to carefully match colours and tones and forms along the vertical join), and then I cut matching perfectly vertical bevel edges along the middle edges to be interlocked, then I took this to The Art Store, West Ryde, where they subcontracted the services of a conservationist from the AGNSW who archivally mounted the entire conjoined two sheets onto a stretched canvas, then the piece was framed in a triple frame that was secure and rugged enough to handle the scale and weight of the piece. The work sold to a private collector here in Canberra. (Wish I still had that one...)

You gotta luv it..

SrishtiArt said...

Wow! You sure are happy :) and I am happy for you:D
I can't wait to see you brushstokes on this paper!!!!Wow!
I haven't had the courage to got to a full sheet yet, but I'm working towards it ;)
And you certainly would be an inspiration for it :D
Have fun

wayne said...

PG, ... a footnote to my comment...
I mentioned "conservationist" in my comment rather than (the correct word to use) "conservator"! LOL!! Anyway, as I think about it there's a kind of 'happy link' -- to whales! Because I'm interested in and have supported conservation causes, including whales, and whales are huge right?! (There's what is known in the imperial measurement system of paper sizes, as you prob know, "double-elephant" size: quadruple full- sheets). So maybe you and I can call this huge size of watercolour sheet/roll: "whale roll size". And whales do roll:) It's also in tune with "conservationist"-worthy causes:)

Secondly, another slight slip in my earlier comment: the art store I frequented back then is "The Art Scene" at West Ryde (not, "the Art Store"). Anyway, that's it for now ... have some other things to attend to here ... cheers and have a great day:)

Jade E. Henderson said...

Lol I feel the same when I get some linen! I can't imagine water colour on a roll....that is too trippy! You'll be able to do a massive yeti painting lol Better not cuddle it in front of your paints they might get jealous!


LOL….Thank you Wayne, nice to know I’m not lonely in the ’crazy stakes department. LOL
You are spot on - ”dreaming in big pictures”! The last few days after making this purchase, I can’t seem to switch off thinking about my next watercolour adventure/s! I feel the need to decompress however, and what better way than to come down to earth and land by cleaning the studio space, reorganise, and take inventory so I can start afresh in February!
Now I laugh, as I realise even with a cleaned off space in this tiny room I operate in, I will have to either use the ‘billiard table’ - (sacrilegious I know) or large outdoor table - (weather permitting of course) to work on paper of these dimensions in width alone – 1150! You have wet my appetite re; the history of Arches paper–making, and no doubt will look about for it on the net.

Funny you should mention your work “North Head Bilgola”. Was just the other day ‘surfing about’ your art site - LOL, and in particular your seascapes and did note this striking work and its dimensions! I have been to this beach on many occasions as I love the Northern Beaches, and don’t mind in the least having to drive an hour to spend the entire day there – that aside… this work of yours did have me wondering how you managed to paint a transparent watercolour of a most difficult subject over two sheets of Arches no doubt? Crikey!- to use a now famous word! Was going to email you about this and as it turns out you have coincidently explained it here as a result of my commemoratory slideshow! - Tee hee hee.
Is the paper thick enough to cut a bevelled edge? Wow… I would never have thought it would’ve been! Unless you are talking 640gsm yeah?
It would be quite something to see this work IRL I’m sure – triple mounted you say! Impressive!

In reply to your footnote…
No worries! I am prone to many of these slips… The more recent being in the post announcing my sale … impediment rather than impairment…LOL Serves me right for trying to do 10 things at once!

I did not know about the imperial measurement system as it pertains to paper sizes, with 4 full sheets referred to as – “double elephant” size. Are you serious?! LOL! However, I will delight from now on referring to my roll as ”whale roll size”!
Together Wayne, we may start a whole ”new wave” in paper size classifications! :D

I have never been to “The Art Scene” in West Ryde and I knew the store you referred to despite the slip. A visit to this art supply shop (which I have never been to) is on the agenda in 09.

Have a great day, and don’t sweat the small stuff!


Srishti, How lovely of you to visit here in helping me commemorate this all important milestone! LOL

Your mission if you choose to accept it in 2009, you gorgeous girl you, is to get onto a full sheet – promise me please!
Will look forward to this imminent announcement on the blogosphere sooner rather than later. :D


Jade… Adore your wicked humour! ‘A massive yeti!’ You are killing me!LOL...LOL...LOL
Didn’t you know… I talk to my paints! :D

Miriam said...

Leggendoti mi è sembrato di capire che hai ricevuto un meraviglioso rotolo per i tuoi superbi acquerelli!! Scusami ma non ho capito se lo hai ricevuto come "premio" per la realizzazione dei tuoi stupendi acquerelli, nel qual caso LOL anche da parte mia, anche se i lol sono per la bravura e l'originalità e la fantasia che meriti. Cara Patricia ti abbraccio e invidio i tuoi 40 deegree (???) che credo siano una meravigliosa temperatura ESTIVA...cosa che qui a Milano ho veramente scordato: ha appena nevicato e siamo a -3° o -4° ...dal freddo polare al caldo australiano ti auguro un serenissimo week end. Baci

Miriam said...

ma ti ho scritto un commento ti è arrivato??? Ciao Miriam


LOL...In un certo senso sì Miriam, Questo è stato un rotolo di carta Arches che ho comprato per festeggiare la mia recente vendita dell quadro intitolato Beneath Blue Mountain Gums. LOL... significato a ridere ad alta voce!
Sono esaurita dal caldo costante che abbiamo avuto negli ultimi due giorni passando i 40 gradi! Non è una meraviglia per niente! Personalmente, preferisco il freddo, facciamoci un scambio! LOL Che bello la neve – lo visto raramente!
Grazie per la visita con le tue gentili parole.
Un abbraccio

In a way yes Miriam, LOL. This roll of Arches paper was a treat I bought myself to celebrate my recent sale of the work titled Beneath Blue Mountain Gums. LOL… meaning to laugh out loud! I am exhausted from the constant heat we have had over the last two days – over 40 degrees! It isn’t una meraviglia at all! Personally, I prefer the cold how about we swap! LOL How beautiful the snow must be – I rarely see it.
Thank you for dropping by with your kind words.

Srishti said...

Oh! yes!!! That definitely would be my mission for this year to graduate to a full sheet :D Hopefully soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh lucky you!!
That is a monster roll, how fun :)
I LoVe the photos of Buffy, especially the first one with his mouth open it looks like he is laughing!!! Too cute.
Can't wait to see what you create :)
(after you finish cuddling it! LOL)

David Burge said...

You sure know how to unwrap a roll!


Hey you guys...I think the heat/43 and the madness has finally made me crack!...How have I missed these comments...(as she looks puzzled)…anyway…lol

Srishti…I am counting on it.

Sweetmango…lol… I can’t wait to see what I create too…and… I’m still cuddling my roll! Lol!

O David…lol…lol...lol...lol...lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just rip into it!

Ramana KV said...

You sure seem to be one hell of a happy person with the arches roll on ur side.. :) Will be back to see ur paintings on a bigger sheet..

My friends bought me an Arches roll a week back and I was quite excited too.. Haven't unrolled it yet :)


Hi There Ramana KV and welcome! Hope it’s the first of many visits.
Yes, was one ‘happy girl’ to have found and bought, will be even happier when inspiration strikes!
At the moment will have to be content to keep hugging…lol!!!!

Lucky you to have had received one as a gift – wow!!!! Your friends must really love you!
Unrolling – yeah… that will be an event unto itself – have fun and will also check in to see what transpires on your Arches roll! :)PG