look what i've got!

Celebrating my recent sale had me making a bee line to
Eckersley’s Art Supplies in Sydney yesterday in 40 degree Celsius heat,
that was not going to stop me however, determined to find it as i had
never been there before, so with the Gregory's in hand i discovered
Art Heaven!

thought i’d treat myself to the largest roll of Arches 300 gsm CP paper i could find,
it's 1150mm x 6000mm.
Eckerley's had 6 meters of it in stock, so i bought the whole lot,
and of course it was on sale – Perugina was one happy girl.

i am in love with this roll!

have to honour it by making a slideshow of this important milestone below!

i know...i know...i'm crazy!

when you're happy you do crazy things.
Buffy was excited for me also!
Tee hee hee

Now... what to do with it
? ? ?
Paint on it why of course!
But what?

Perhaps if i cuddle it some more, inspiration will come.
it's so creamy and smooth and delicious!
Can i say that?

PS...the moon is almost full!