xk - 067

31 X 21 cm

watercolour on arches
cp 300gsm


done & dusted and a little bit rusted

i so wanted to finish this before the seasonal festivities.

I am entering the
CASS - Combined Art Societies of Sydney
The 'Art of Sydney' Awards
and today is the day my entries are due.
So i have been working under pressure to get this finished, having done so 'in the nick of time' this morning.

i took a photo of this classic Jag earlier in the year, it's just rusting away in our neighbourhood street much to my horror!
I thought it would make a great picture to accompany a letter i wrote to a friend a while ago titled,

'life is a bitumen road
people are the cars'

Wanting to give a car a go, (my brother would be proud as there is no bigger petrol head than he living on the planet) i thought there was no better one to try than this.

Using masking fluid i wrote, more like scrawled, those words over the top before painting.

Let me say writing with this stuff isn't easy and it had its challenges.

i have submitted 6 paintings which i hope will be selected to feature in this annual exhibition.

It will be held at

The Terrace Room
National Maritime Museum
Darling Harbour
January 23 - 27, 2009

Opening Night
January 23rd, 2009 at 7.30

John Wilson


Bon Chance to all who are entering.


Jade E. Henderson said...

This turned out really well PG - especially the rust bits! I like the message written across, see, if I did something like that it wouldn't occur to me until the end - which is why I'll never make it in the watercolour world lol
BEST OF LUCK in the awards! I'll cross my fingers for you!

Wendi. S. said...

Hey I like this. Good luck, I will cross everything for you.

Sandy said...

This is so exciting! It is a fantastic painting! I really love everything about it!
Best wishes for the show!
I hope the judge likes it as much as I do!

Anni Morris said...

Great colour palette Patricia…HAPPY NEW YEAR toooooo :) ~ Anni xxxxx

Jared Revell said...

YES ! Love it Patricia !
You know I’ve been waiting for it…!
Excellent work.

Corinne Pouzet said...

How funny and beautifully done !

J-C Saint-Pô said...

Gorgeous painting!
Nice with the text!

Hope you will have lots of success on the expo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick said...

I much prefer this to the razor-sharp look so many use with car paintings. This is great PG!!

Anonymous said...

I love how old this looks. The "rust" treatment is fantastic.
I never thought an old car could look so good. The text really adds to it. I really like this very much. Another grabber.
Best of luck in the competition.


Thank you so much Jade – the rust was what excited me most, plus the fact that it is such a classic, characterful (if I can use such a word) car, which on viewing the reference photo begged to be painted.
Thank you for your well wishes, if anything it is success enough that 5 paintings have made it in to this Exhibition and will be on show.

Wendi, Thank you so much for this sweet comment, appreciate your support.

Sandra, Hi there, I’m so happy you love it. It was painted under some duress and I wished I’d had a better mindset when finishing it off. Well it’s done and it’s in. I found preparing for this exhibition a little akin to sitting exams – I’ve done my best and now all I can do is await the results. There are some extremely talented and wonderful artists out there and the competition is stiff – however a girl can always live in hope and you never know if you don’t try.
Fingers crossed eh?
(((LOVE & HUGS)))

Happy New Year Anni, I followed as closely as I could the colour palette of the photograph with a few extra little nuisances thrown in, I appreciate your support.

I tried my best Jared, and that’s all I can do – I can tell you the pressure was on and just when I was popping it into its frame an hour before delivery, the glass broke! OMG The stories behind this car!
Glad you like it, I knew you were waiting to see it!

Thanks Corinne :)
Thank you J-C – the inclusion of text makes it I hope, a little different.

Nick, I’m glad this render appeals to you. Always thank you for your support.

L, Happy New Year! Thank you for your best wishes – so nice to have your support. Your enthusiasm is appreciated and glad you like the final results here, a little different from the original photograph, but not too much.

AnaCBStudio said...

Great work Patricia!...love the tones…

miriam said...

Patricia, un acquerello originalissimo e ricco di inventiva e di uno splendido accostamento cromatico!


Thank you Ana, appreciate your support.

Miriam, Vorrei avere la capacita di esprimermi come te in Italiano, ma non ce la faccio particolarmente a quanto partiene al'arte. Pero scriverci cosi mi permette di praticare un po.
Ti ringrazio verramente dal cuore per i tuoi pensieri, e sono contentissima che ti è piaciuto.

Translate I would like to be able to express myself like you do in Italian, but am unable to particularly as it pertains to art.
But writing as we do permits me to practise a little. I thank you from my heart your thoughts and am happy you like this.

wayne said...

PG, you show yet again the power of water (colour). There is a vertical axis of symmetry here struck within an outstretched landscape format: quite a powerful combo compositionally imo. The blue and gold is very regal. The ultramarine blue is a great deep-tonal backdrop against which the luminous jag is quite jewel-like. I like the attention to details yet allowing for watercolour interchanges. The lettering takes a risk from the outset of this watercolour (and watercolour is largely to do with risk-taking): it works here! My favourite letters and numerals are in the number-plate: the car's signature, if not also the artist's... congrats yet again! Best wishes for the competition,


Wayne, and again thank you for your reflective words on my Jag – you are so supportive and kind, and I express my gratitude for the time you take imparting your thoughts.
I am partial to symmetry and if you haven’t noticed already, I even align my posts centrally (tee hee hee) a little geeky – but that’s just me and I can’t help it quite frankly, seeming normal.
I relish your insights and what strangely comes without thought, in retrospect and particularly in light of comments written by you and others, I see the choices made on a subconscious level, however analysis later, when you examine and scrutinize the end results has you seeing different paths which could have been followed to have attained perhaps a better result imo. If anything, it came as a complete surprise to have had this accepted at the pre-selection for the upcoming ‘Art of Sydney’ exhibition as this was the doubtful entry in my mind, being rushed and not given attention with the proper mindset.
Visually speaking, as astutely pointed out by you, there is a distinct variation in the bumper and number plate in colouring and application - as it pertains to style, which doesn’t align itself with the car – perhaps a good thing? Maybe…one could say it is reflective and echoes the slight tilt the bumper has over time acquired with its alignment to the Jag’s weathered armature, perhaps a focal point, given that it bears that title – I see now the inclusion of AS - Naples Yellow Reddish, the base colour of the chassis, should have been more pronounced – tying and therefore making for a more cohesive painting - all part of the learning process I guess. (she shrugs)
Thanking you for your kind wishes, you never know your luck – and fancy those letters and numbers being your favourite! You have me wondering why?