we cry
for the people - for the animals - for the land

27 x 35 cm

watercolour on arches
cp 300gsm

In memory of the people who lost their lives and in support of those who have been directly effected by the devastating Victorian bushfires in Australia
Saturday 7 February, 2009.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

My first painting for 2009 has me dearly wishing it was not something inspired by such tragedy.
My mood and those of many others not conducive to painting whatsoever as each day over the last week this sad news has filled our homes that being the tragic loss of 209 beautiful souls at last count.

entire families

My paints were packed yesterday, not knowing what to paint,
so i painted my thoughts and prayers
reaching out to those who are in pain.

i am in pain
for the people - for the animals – for the land
i cry

we cry

the tears of a nation
falling on the blackened land
which now is

sacred ground.

Sales of this card, prints
We Cry
will go to
The Red Cross
Bushfire Appeal
You can purchase this card through


Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic painting! Just floating on blogger and was really struck by what you painted!

Always dream!

Vesna Designs said...

This is soooo beautiful PG-really beautiful :) ...I'm holding an Auction of one of my works, trying to raise a bit of money to donate to Red Cross Bushfire Appeal, all the proceeds will be donated to the Appeal...I tried through E-Bay but they took my auction off as it did not comply with e-bay charity rules...Are you back??? Have you got your computer back???


Thanks Geoff Brailey I'm really touched you would drop in that way - thank you.

Vesna... Hey...I am maddly trying to get emails answered and stuff uploaded before this place closes - lucky for me it is Thursday Night late night shopping. I'm taking advantage of the longer hours - had watercolour group meet this morning where I painted this and have been here in the 'freezer' since 12.30pm.
I hope to have my computer back next week at some stage.
I am planning to donate my painting through the Society, they are having a fundraiser there.
All the best with your dal.

Rose Moxon said...

how beautiful… very emotional.

Peter Zentjens said...

Sensational work Patricia, so moody, so full of emotions

Jade E. Henderson said...

Hi PG! This is really really beautiful! If I had any money I'd buy it! I did a face one too, great minds huh heehee

Marion Chapman said...

oh, Patricia, what a beautiful response to the tragedies in Victoria. That is completely gorgeous!!

J-C Saint-Pô said...

i feel the emotions in this painting!

it feels like a woman crying over the blackened earth!!!!

Cate Townsend said...

This tragedy envelopes us all. Australia cries and the world cries with us. This is a very emotive and poweful piece of work Patricia.

Renate Dartois said...

Patricia this is a lovely artwork-wonderful expression of emotion that touched so many lives.

Holleyarna said...

Very spiritual, it has alot of meaning, just beautiful!

Jared Revell said...

wonderful work Patricia ~ and a lovely dedication.

Mrs Willow said...

Oh Patricia!This is so beautiful and so meaningful.


Aw Jade... You are such a sweetheart! (((HUGS)))

To those in 'the bubble'... thank you.

Alexandra Felgate said...

Beautiful and poignant work, a fitting response to the tragedy that is filling our hearts with sadness :(

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful tribute and a wonderful way to 'do something' when we all feel so helpless.
Only time will heal.


sm... 'time will heal' the land will heal, the animals will once again return, as will the people.
Their strength and courage the glue which will hold them together - for they will need this when their scars weep.
The beautiful Australian Spirit is as enduring and as resilient as the land itself - we are the land and the land is us.

wayne said...

This work, the title, your word-poem, everything about it, is compelling -- your painting and words resonate powerfully, compassionately, sincerely from the heart, instinctive/intuitive and as such to me is high and noble art. The watercolour tears stream down. The visage of compassion hovers over the scorched land.. Healing is transfigured, its promise, within this your Art.


Wayne… Ennio Morricone - The Mission (Gabriel’s Oboe) played in my head while I painted this and continues to play - soothing and comforting.
The melody line of the oboe sounding hope/promise with in the sadness.

Thank you for your most kind and generous thoughts as always and for these your beautiful words ”watercolour tears stream down the visage of compassion which hovers over the scorched land…” here in begins the healing.

Lui Grande said...

great!!!!! i cry for the people, the animals and the land.

Wendi. S. said...

Lovely piece P.G, the flowing lines are like a balm.

I am certain, that as we stand in the care of this faithful force,that what has seemed dead is dead no longer,what has seemed lost, is no longer lost, that which some have claimed impossible, is made clearly possible and what ground is fallow is only resting- resting and waiting for the Blessed seed to arrive on the wind with all Godspeed ! And it will.
C.P. Estes
The faithful gardener.

Srishti said...

My heart goes out tothose souls.... thanks so much for painting this...for a noble cause.


Wendy…Oh such beautiful words!!!
They reach for your soul – these words are caring… gentle… this 'wind' which will starts as a whisper signalling hope/healing.

This same wind will slowly gather strength and force roaring such as to rustle the canopies of the eucalypts again in triumph – the people will rejoice – the land will renew – the animals will roam once again.


Srishti...Thank you so much for your caring thoughts and prayers.

gethin said...

fantastic dramatic piece. great work and nice dedication

Marion Chapman said...

Featured in watercolour Paintings in 'the bubble'

I am touched that you have chosen to featured this painting Marion.
Thank you so much from the heart.

You are so welcome Patricia – everything we can do to bring attention to the tragedy is worth it. Hopefully more people around the world will donate to help out the people of Victoria and of course for Queenslanders too. What a terrible summer this has been for so many families.

Ana said...

Wonderful tones and details Patricia!

Keiran Lusk said...

A breathtaking artwork and a most sensitive dedication to a terribly devastating tragedy. We are indeed all crying for the people, the animals and the land.

Frederic said...

About the painting, I think is very good;you are so quick to get inspired,the colours are so right that they express the feelings of the tragic events


Frederic...Thank you so much. Your support since knowing each other has been wonderful and you are indeed special to me...just wanted you to know that.
abrazos para ti mi amigo

David Brayshaw said...

One of your best yet Patricia.
You have expressed a profound response to this tragedy.

Nick said...

Whoa daddyO, this is your best yet, I'd say! It's boss! Get this out there where people can see it, put it in a show, get it into a gallery. Frame it properly! The whimsy was nice, but this has some guts. And you're a Morricone fan? I arranged several of his pieces for solo guitar, he's the best.
Great work Patricia, looking forward to seeing what's next.

Miriam said...

Ciao Patricia, ma che meraviglia di acquerello hai creato:MERAVIGLIOSO!!!! SEI BRAVISSIMA!!!!!!!!!!!Grazie per la tua visita!!!
A proposito se ti va possiamo mandarci una post card acquarellata!!! Fammi sapere cosa ne pensi dell'idea! Quella che ho mandato all'artista Mario Piana la devo ancora postare sul blog! Un big abbraccio aspetto tue news!!


Hi David, I am so touched you have taken the time to drop in. Thank you for your supportive feedback.

NNG, I am indeed overwhelmed – I know you don’t give away comments like this and always say it like it is! ‘Guts’ you say? She says, ‘Thank you!’ The nicest thing you’ve ever said.
No doubting you talent re the pieces arranged for solo guitar – awesome!
As for ‘next’ – I’m very much looking forward to what ever that will be also, I’ll be sure to give you a ‘toot’ as soon as I figure it out myself!

Miriam, Carissima…sei sempre complimentosa con le tue parole dolci, mi incorragia moltissimo.
Mi piacerebbe participare nel la post card scambio – pero` mi devi spiegare cosa debbo fare.
A presto e un forte (((abbraccio))) a te.

Miriam... Dearest ... you're always so complimentary with your sweet words, I am very much encouraged by them.
I would like to participate in the post card exchange - however you have to explain to me what I must do.

Mauro Baglieri said...

Heaven lets down rain - like small tear drops as they fall to dry out. But the memory survives - and so do our prayers.

MimiTabby said...

This is wonderful, touching. Good job!


Mauro, grazie veramente dal cuore per queste belle parole, gentile come una poesia - le preghiere e pensieri ora necessari per aiutare e per guarire.
Translation truly from the heart I thank you for these beautiful words, gentle as a poem - these thoughts and prayers are now needed to help and to heal.

Mimi, thank you so much for stopping by with your thoughts.

David Burge said...

Awesome painting Patricia!!
I think this piece is The Point!
I think the reason you paint is to make pictures like this one.
Don't let it be the last of it's kind. You were obviously impassioned for this one. Make a regular trip to that Well PG, it's full of good stuff.

magicmyst said...

Well done and very impressive.


Hey David, Your encouraging thoughts here are much appreciated,
to quote you, I think this piece is The Point! I think the reason you paint is to make pictures like this one.” This one was painted from the heart - I will try my very best, as I do always in my limited capacity, to not make it the last of it’s kind.
Your visit here has encouraged me greatly!

Hi Kay, and welcome!
Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts here on this piece.