beneath blue mountain gums
a tribute to the beautiful Blue Mountains
a Contemporary Piece


The Photo & Artz Works Gallery

Culburra Beach NSW

Gallery owner and Director Noel Elliot established a photo and art gallery in February of 2006 in Culburra Beach, NSW. The gallery exhibits some of his own work, photography and art, and he also supports new and emerging artists.

A few weeks ago after meeting each other at a Redbubble lunch (organised by Rose Moxon), he invited me to exhibit some of my works, 2 of which now hang in his boutique style gallery.

This afternoon he called with some very exciting news, that my large work Beneath Blue Mountain Gums - A Contemporary Piece had been sold.

Many thanks to you Noel for giving me this wonderful opportunity to exhibit my work.
I am thrilled for us both and am delighted this piece, has made its way to the home it was meant to be in. It's the ultimate validation - you cannot put a price on this kind of satisfaction - it's awesome!

What a fantastic start to 2009!

Had better get some more paintings to you Noel and sincere apologies if i have caused any hearing impairment. (((hugs))) perugina


wayne said...

Brilliant PG!!! This resonates powerfully. A sine. There is the interwoven/interconnected theme again emerging here (viz. Garden God II). There are the universal themes of resonance, alignment, synchrony. The light itself is here 'orientated': directional, 'polarised'. In this work the orientability of light is more overt. This straight away amplifies and brings to the visual plane the covert alignments and resonances of Nature.

Attuning your artist's eye to 'intuitive knowing and seeing' is hyperaccelerating your art imo:) Already, within a few short days or weeks, metaphors within your art have metamorphosed: the rubber may hit the road, the bitumen; but here the rubber has weightlessly lifted off the tarmac, and wings of flight now carry you ... more of this!

Sandy said...

let me be the first to congratulate you , my dear friend.
Well done! It is an innovate approach to the Australian gum tree and has always been a favourite of mine.

Bob Abrahams said...


Jade E. Henderson said...

oh that is FANTASTIC news PG! I'm stoked for you! What a fantastic way to start 2009 indeed.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news. Congratulations - you deserve it! Validation is the perfect word to use. I loved this painting & Im so happy that it will be now admired by others. More please. L


Hi Wayne, again I have delighted in your visit and giving generously of your time to offer your insights is much appreciated. I envy your expressiveness which shows strong mathematical foundations and an aptitude for seeing in nature these elements. An Escher – like quality which have these gums almost tessellate working as a unit but on closer inspection are very much individual is perhaps what is most striking about this piece I feel – in saying this I must stress it doesn’t mean I was totally satisfied with it as expressed in my ‘tome,’ :) but rather fearing a resemblance to …well let’s not go there…
You honour me by using my analogy re; “Life is a bitumen road…” and are always way too complimentary. (((blush)))
Yes…I am flying with excitement over the sale – I won’t advise the tower of my approach just yet…I’ll just soar a moment longer.
Papa Golf to Whiskey - copy that!


Sandra, I remember our conversations on the Skype about this one like it was yesterday - thank you for being so supportive and your enthusiasm for me and this news is so appreciated, it was nice to share it with you particularly.


Bob, great to have you drop by and thank you.


Jade, thank you so much, it was indeed a wonderful start to the year.


L, Thanking you also for your insights into this painting when it was completed. It's amazing how certain events line up. Glad you were part of it too.

Anonymous said...

"Had better get some more paintings to you Noel and sincere apologies if I have caused any hearing impairment."
LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL...You are too funny PG, I can just picture you when he rang to tell you...I love the way you apologised and in doing so allowed us to "see" your reaction!!!


Sweetmango….My humble and sincerest apologies are now extended to you, how this comment has gone unanswered till now is bizarre!
Yes…I can be a funny girl in many ways – a laugh a minute.
My reaction was…..…um…..…well…… perhaps Noel is in a better position to answer that one – that is, if he can hear you asking the question. :D

SERGIG said...

amica,tu sei troppo brava!
complimenti!! bei colori, emanano belle sensazioni.
un bacio dall'Italia


Sergig... sono tanta contenta che mi vieni a trovare qui - carino che sei!
I lavori tuoi sono incantevole!
Grazie dei complimenti che mi fai - son troppo!
Un bacio anche a te da Sydney:)
A presto!