quick sketches on this night
November 4th, 2005
A very cruel twist of fate?

It was the early morning of the 4th
that you gave up the fight.

Coco always sat by me or on my lap, it was Coco who inspired me to take up my art again. Grabbing a piece of paper and pencil, these three quick sketches of her started me off on the night of the 4th... November 05.

I also remember telling myself that i would join an art society and enrol in a watercolour class in the new year.
So it was in the new year of 2007 that i did this.
I found these today, tucked away in a folder in my studio among all my stuff.
I will always remember Coco for this as well as so many other things.


Sandy said...

Delightful drawings of your much loved pet. You should do more drawings ...they are really lovely


Oh Sandy... I'm glad you think so... it was a very sad moment today going through my things and discovering these tucked away in a folder with other drawings... and sadder still when I looked at the date... however i just had to acknowledge her contribution to my picking up the pencil again.

I very much appreciate your support.
Love to you,

MimiTabby said...

What a wonderful way to honor your cat!
And in her memory you should paint.


Hi Mimi,
Thank you for stopping by here and leaving your thoughts of support. Yes, you are so very right.
Love to you,