lemons in ornate vintage bowl
miniature still life
no 1

10 x 10 cm

6 x 6 cm

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine

In 1985, the Australian Society of Miniature Art was formed in NSW by artist Janine Bravery.
The society's aims have been
to create miniature works of excellence.
to foster traditional and modern works in miniature.
to encourage public awareness and enjoyment of miniature works of art.

The criteria of a miniature art work is its size being no larger than 10 x 10 cm, in area being no larger than 100 sq cm. It can be any variation under this sq area for example 8 x 12 cm.


In October, I will be submitting my application to join the Australian Society of Miniature Art (NSW) Inc to its Selection Committee in hope that my miniature works are accepted and therefore granting me membership.

I am working towards my submission of six samples of work that compliment each other and work well as a group, and in accordance with their rules also submit a biography.

My submission will include The Imperials of which there are 4 as well as the miniature above and its companion works.

Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

The lemons look beautiful. Best of luck with you membership application. Hopefully we will then see more of these wonderful paintings. L


Thank you for stopping by L... and also for your well wishes for my submission to "The Society."

Would be very nice to be accepted... good that they are selective means you need to work harder in order to meet their criteria. You will certainly see more of these here as I have a set of four waiting to be painted, drew them all yesterday.