presented as they should be
The Imperials have finally made it into their frames and are currently on exhibit at
Drummoyne Art Society 44th Annual Art Awards 2008

Opening Night is
Monday 26th May
Free Admission

Drummoyne Civic Hall
Marlborough Street


Anonymous said...

They look super in their frames. They deserve a major prize. I love this series so much. Mind you all of your work is special. L


Thanks L... They certainly gave me a lot of joy to finally see them in their far as a major prize goes... well... that would be nice too... Lovely of you to say you "love the series"... (blush) thanks for your support.

MimiTabby said...

THESE are SO COOL! I like how you framed them. I'm glad they're in a show.


Thanks Mimi...

Nick said...

Those look fantastic PG, and the framing is great!! Those will make a fine addition to someone's collection, I hope you sell them as a set.


NNG... No bites yet!

I love this moulding and had my framer put this stock aside for me.
A perfect marriage for my little miniatures... had some made for "Le Ballerine Piccoline"... The Little Ballerinas also.

Your well wishes are much appreciated.

Giulia said...

Listen darling, I don't want the originals because they must be at a Gallery and I hope very very soon, but please send me a print of them.I love them and I just know where to hang them in my home.

Yes, it is a very busy time for me at this moment of the year. Some tourists are coming at the winery.....per comperare il vino....e per fammi perdere del tempo.....they have time to loose around....

About my trip over...what my dream is to come at the beginning of next year.. devo comperare un salvadanaio per i soldini!!!

Also here darling the weather is terrible..just now it is raining and it is strange for this period of the year......niente mare.!

Un bacio per ora

Ti voglio bene


Giulia, ti devo mandare tante cose!
I need to send you lots of things... can't wait for you to visit next year... I dearly hope you come!

Bring yourself and the Italian Wines from your winery...
Can't wait...

The weather here has been mad also...

Baci and hugs.
Talk soon.